Is there a trick to peeling boiled eggs?


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"I have learned the how-to of boiling the perfect egg, but even when I use “old” eggs, I cannot peel them smoothly.What is the trick?"

To make peeling boiled eggs easier, immediately after they are cooked, run the eggs under cold water. This helps the egg contract slightly from the shell. And this is the ideal time to peel—just after they are cooked and cool.

As soon as they are cool enough to handle, tap each end on the counter until the shell cracks. One end may have an air pocket, which makes a great starting point—but don’t start peeling yet! After you crack the ends, roll the egg on the counter under the palm of your hand—and then start peeling from the larger end. It also makes the job easier if you peel under running water.

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Marge Perry
Aug, 2012
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