7 Ways to Cook With Onions

From marble-sized pearl onions to giant Vidalias, onions have a multitude of flavors and personalities that help any dish shine.

  • 7 Ways With Onions
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: Beau Gustafson; Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine

    Don't Shed a Tear

    Raw or cooked, onions are perfectly at home starring in a dish or performing as a subtle underlying aromatic on which other flavors are built. Crying too often over onions? Pop them in the freezer for 20 minutes before chopping to minimize tears.
  • Roasted Cipollini Onions
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Becky Luigart-Stayner; Katie Stoddard

    Roasted Cipollini Onions

    Sometimes called wild onions, tender Italian cipollini are coated with a combination of red wine, balsamic, honey, and soy sauce, then roasted for a simple but highly flavorful side dish. If you can't find cipollini, substitute pearl onions and cut cooking time.
  • Pull-Apart Cheesy Onion Bread
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: © Frances Janisch

    Pull-Apart Cheesy Onion Bread

    Simple buttermilk biscuit dough is laced with chopped sautéed onion and grated Grùyere cheese to make a perfect savory side for soup or salad meals. But the best part: this bread is stirred together; there's no yeast or proofing time required.
  • Beer-Battered Onion Rings
    Story by Maureen Callahan

    Beer-Battered Onion Rings

    Amazingly crisp, the secret to these light onion rings is an easy two-step process. A quick dip in a lightly oiled skillet, followed by a short bake in a hot oven, produce just the right texture and color–minus all the grease.
  • Caramelized Onion-Apple Bites
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Leo Gong

    Caramelized Onion-Apple Bites

    It's hard to imagine that supermarket puff pastry, nutty fontina cheese, yellow onions, and apples could morph into such a rich, elegant appetizer. But they do, and easily. Make the topping in advance or assemble completely and freeze until ready to use.
  • Tomato, Sweet Onion, and Parsley Salad
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Jim Henkens

    Tomato, Sweet Onion, and Parsley Salad

    This colorful salad of hearts of palm, sweet onions, grape tomatoes and parsley comes together in just 10 minutes. Worried about all those onions? No need. A quick soak in water and a splash of lime juice help tame the raw onion bite.
  • Creamy Roasted-Onion Soup
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: Karry Hosford

    Creamy Roasted-Onion Soup

    Combine oven-roasted sweet onions with saffron and a splash of sherry for a creamy main dish that's more elegant than French onion soup–and just as tasty. Company will love it, but this one is bound to become a family favorite too.
  • Sweet-and-Sour Red Onions
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: Jan Smith

    Sweet-and-Sour Red Onions

    Beautiful to look at, slices of red onion can be quickly pickled in less than an hour with just three ingredients: red wine vinegar, sugar, and salt. Use these crunchy sweet-tart onions on sandwiches, salads, or as a garnish for roasted meats.
  • Chopping Onion
    Story by Maureen Callahan

    How-to Video: Chopping Onions

    Watch this video and see an easy way to chop an onion.

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