7 Ways With Jam

Fruit jams are more than a spread for toast and bagels. Try using them to add rich flavors to glazes, butters, salad dressings, and even a dessert trifle.

  • Add Bright Flavor
    Story by Maureen Callahan

    Add Bright Flavor

    Give the morning bagel the boot and save the jam to add delicious flavor to sandwiches, sauces, and desserts. You can still have jam for breakfast–Just serve it in a playful PB&J muffin instead of your usual toast topper.

  • Baked Guava Chicken
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Jean Allsopp

    Baked Guava Chicken

    Need a quick appetizer? Take chicken drumettes and drizzle them with a simple sauce of guava jam, soy, lemon and allspice. As chicken bakes, tropical flavors intensify and the drumettes become coated with a wonderful thick glaze. If you don't have guava jam, try pineapple or apricot instead.
  • Monte Cristo Sandwiches
    Story by Maureen Callahan

    Monte Cristo Sandwiches

    For a sweet and savory adventure that's perfect for brunch, lunch, or a cozy supper meal, take slices of smoked ham and Swiss cheese and layer them between bread along with raspberry jam, and mustard. Dip the whole sandwich in egg batter and cook like French Toast for an over-the-top take on the traditional ham-and-cheese stacker.
  • Sweet-and-Sour Chicken-Apricot Skewers
    Story by Maureen Callahan, James Carrier

    Sweet-and-Sour Chicken-Apricot Skewers

    Impressive enough for company, these colorful kebabs alternate chopped chicken with lemon slices and dried apricots. The glaze, a mixture of apricot jam and spices, cooks quickly in the microwave. From start to finish, the meal is ready in less than 15 minutes.
  • Judy's Raspberry Trifle
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Jim Franco

    Judy's Raspberry Trifle

    Make a fancy-looking dessert in no time. Spread store-bought pound cake with raspberry jam and then layer it with fresh raspberries and a simple cooked custard sauce laced with Marsala wine and whipped cream in clear bowls or glasses. It's gorgeous, elegant, and, best of all, it's oh so easy.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins
    Story by Maureen Callahan

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

    With their mild peanut butter flavor and gooey jelly center these easy muffins are a perfect snack or breakfast food for the kid in all of us. Freeze leftovers and pop them in the microwave (covered with a paper towel) for 20 seconds to enjoy baked flavor anytime.
  • Red Currant Butter
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: Antonis Achilleos

    Red Currant Butter

    Instead of paying a fortune for store-bought flavored butter, make your own in the time it takes to open a jar. Just soften a stick of unsalted butter and stir in any flavor jam and a sprinkle of kosher salt. The result: a sweet, creamy spread that's perfect on scones or morning toast.
  • Mixed Greens with Raspberry Dressing
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: J. Savage Gibson; Styling: Leslie Byars Simpson

    Mixed Greens with Raspberry Dressing

    Purée raspberry jam, lime juice, olive oil and crushed garlic in a blender for a fresh tasting raspberry vinaigrette that's as flavorful as it is easy. Be sure to make the dressing in advance and chill it for at least two hours to allow the flavors to blend.
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