7 Ways With a Slow Cooker

Go beyond chili and pot roast with recipes that almost make themselves.

  • Better than a Personal Chef
    Cooking Light magazine

    Slow is the New Fast

    Take a few minutes in the morning to toss in savory ingredients and, when you get home, a tasty meal will be ready. Whether you're making a main dish, a sweet dessert, or even butter (yes, butter), it doesn't get much easier than this.

  • Slow-cooker Beef Tacos

    Slow-cooker Beef Tacos

    Brown the meat in a Dutch oven, then let the slow-cooker work its magic as the rich spices meld. You can also serve the versatile, tender beef over baked potatoes instead of in soft tortilla shells.

  • Beer-and-Cheddar Fondue

    Beer-and-Cheddar Fondue

    Use a slow-cooker to keep the party going. The low setting keeps dishes like this festive fondue at the perfect temperature until the last guest has gone home.
  • Slow-Cooker Meat Loaf with Shiitake Mushrooms
    Photography: Karry Hosford

    Slow-Cooker Meat Loaf with Shiitake Mushrooms

    Use a slow-cooker to upgrade your meat loaf–it prevents evaporation, so you'll end up with a super-moist dinner packed with flavor.
  • Overnight Apple Butter
    Becky Luigart-Stayner; Cindy Barr

    Overnight Apple Butter

    Slow-cookers make more than meaty dinner dishes. Make a sweet, rich apple butter spread that goes perfectly on a toasted English muffin or served over pork chops. One taste and you'll never believe it's fat free.
  • Mocha Pudding Cake
    Jim Bathie

    Mocha Pudding Cake

    Make the ultimate dessert–a fudgy mix of cake and pudding–in two easy steps. Stir ingredients in a bowl, then add to the slow cooker for about two hours. Dessert doesn't get much sweeter that that.
  • Grandma Dean's Chicken and Dressing
    Jim Bathie

    Chicken and Dressing

    Plan a home-style dinner like grandma used to make with only 30 minutes of prep work. You'll come home to a house with smells reminiscent of Sunday suppers with the family.
  • Baking a Cake in a Slow-Cooker

    How-To Video: Baking in a Slow Cooker

    Watch this video and see how to bake a cake in your slow cooker.

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