7 Ways With Popcorn

Dress up plain popcorn with the rich flavors of caramel, cinnamon, and even edible gold (yes, gold) for a fun night in.

  • 7 Ways to Cook With Popcorn
    Photo: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Jan Gautro

    Party With Popcorn!

    Popcorn is perfect for snacking, but don’t just drizzle it with butter and call it a day.  From popped kernels smothered in melted white chocolate and topped with edible gold dust (yes, really!), to homemade kettle corn and honey popcorn balls, these recipes show what popcorn’s really made of.  So pop some, on the stove or in the microwave, and check out one of these delicious, must-try variations on an all-American snack food.

  • Gold-Dusted White Chocolate Popcorn
    Beth Dreilling Hontzas

    Gold-Dusted White Chocolate Popcorn

    Mixed nuts, cranberries, and melted white chocolate morsels dress up plain butter-flavored microwave popcorn, but the real star of this recipe is the edible gold dust that's sprinkled on top. It adds an air of glamour to your regular movie night dessert, and can be found at most cake or party supply stores.
  • Ceiba Caramel Corn
    William Meppem

    Ceiba Caramel Corn

    First made famous at the Washington D.C. Latin-American restaurant Ceiba, this recipe for caramel corn sneaks in a handful of lightly toasted almonds for extra flavor. To make prep time easy, follow one of our online reviewer's advice and set two timers–one every ten minutes to remind you to stir, and one for an hour, so you'll know when the treat is done.
  • Trash Mix

    Trash Mix

    Not just for kids, this fun mix is packed with dried fruit, caramel popcorn, toffee pretzels, candy corn and, yes, chewy worm-shaped candy. It's perfect for evening snacks, but also works well in the car or on day-long trips; simply package in individual zip-top bags and let everyone mine their bags for goodies as they please.
  • Maple-Chile Popcorn
    Becky Luigart-Stayner

    Maple-Chile Popcorn

    By the time your favorite microwave popcorn is done, the sweet and spicy drizzle, made from maple syrup and ground red pepper, will be ready. Bake for 15 minutes to set, then serve on a night when you need a little extra heat.
  • Kettle Corn

    Kettle Corn

    Bring back fond memories of childhood and state fairs with this sweet and salty treat. Use a hand-cranked popcorn popper and sprinkle with sugar and a little kosher salt, then serve and watch it disappear.
  • Caramel Popcorn

    Caramel Popcorn

    This classic caramel popcorn recipe got rave reviews from our online users, who likened it to the gourmet treats they often give or receive during the holidays. Its five-star rating and simple prep will keep this recipe in your weekly family night snack rotation.

  • Bite-size Honey Popcorn Balls

    Bite-size Honey Popcorn Balls

    Make popcorn balls easily with a few secrets from our Test Kitchens. Start by whipping up the buttery honey-drizzled popcorn that's flavored with vanilla. Let it cool for a few minutes, then spread a little butter on your hands to keep the popcorn mixture from sticking to your hands while molding into balls. Size them small for bite-size snacks, or large for festive gifts.
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