7 Ways to Cook With Orange Juice

Fresh squeezed or made from concentrate, orange juice adds a welcome tang that complements either sweet or savory dishes.

  • A Well-Rounded Ingredient
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Virginia Houston

    A Well-Rounded Ingredient

    Juice from a Valencia or Temple orange may taste a bit different since citrus varieties have their own distinct personalities. But in general, orange juice is a gentle acid that adds sweet-tart flavor notes to cooking. It's also adept as a flavor enhancer, particularly when added in the final minutes of cooking.

  • Orange-Sesame Noodles with Grilled Shrimp
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Jean Allsopp

    Orange-Sesame Noodles with Grilled Shrimp

    A generous splash of fresh-squeezed orange juice gives a lift to traditional peanut soba noodle salad. Leave off the shrimp if you want to make this vegetarian. Or top with grilled chicken strips, pork, or steak for another variation.

  • Ham Steak With Orange Glaze
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Jennifer Davick

    Ham Steak With Orange Glaze

    For a quick weeknight meal, dress up pan-seared ham steak with a simple sauce made with orange juice, canned pineapple, golden raisins, and Dijon mustard. Fancy as it sounds, this is a lightning fast meal that's suitable for family or company.

  • Rye Berry Salad with Orange Vinaigrette
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Becky Luigart-Stayner; Lydia DeGaris-Pursell

    Rye Berry Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

    Make this salad with any whole grain, including wheat berries or barley. Vary the chopped vegetables too, if you like. But don't change one iota of the simply luscious vinaigrette made with orange juice and champagne vinegar; it makes this salad burst with flavor.

    Substitute raisins if you don't have currants.

  • Halibut Steamed with Ginger, Orange, and Lime
    Story by Maureen Callahan, James Carrier

    Halibut Steamed with Ginger, Orange, and Lime

    Take some light cooking cues from a spa chef and steam halibut, or another mild white fish, over a fragrant broth made with orange juice, a splash of lime, and fresh ginger. Once the fish is cooked, the sauce is reduced and thickened with cornstarch.

    Also combine fresh and dry versions of an ingredient - fresh and ground ginger, for instance - to intensify the flavor.

    Notes: This lively steamed fish comes from chef Jim Gallivan at Red Mountain Spa in Ivins, Utah.

  • Scallops with Chipotle-Orange Sauce
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photography: Randy Mayor

    Scallops with Chipotle-Orange Sauce

    Fresh orange juice and canned chipotle chili in adobo sauce are simmered to form the base of a spunky sweet seafood sauce that's laced with butter. Scallops never tasted so good. Serve over rice or toss with fresh fettuccine or Asian noodles.

  • Chocolate-Orange Torte
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: David Prince

    Chocolate-Orange Torte

    Impressive as it looks, this easy four-ingredient chocolate dessert takes some wonderfully simple shortcuts. Start with a package of double chocolate muffin mix; add fresh oranges (zest and juice) and chopped almonds. Next, drizzle your masterpiece with a cooked syrup of OJ and sugar.

  • Fresh Orange Sorbet
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: Iain Bagwell, Randy Mayor; Styling: Cindy Barr

    Fresh Orange Sorbet

    This easy sorbet nets rave reviews from our staffers for two reasons. First, it's super easy to make; fresh squeezed orange juice, orange zest, sugar, and water are all you'll need. Plus, the orange flavor, much like French sorbets, is both intense and refreshing.

  • <p>Juicing Citrus</p>
    Story by Maureen Callahan, Photo: Lee Harrelson

    How-to Video: Juicing Oranges

    See how easy it is to get freshly-squeezed citrus juice.
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