5 Spooky Halloween Recipes

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these spellbinding sweets.

  • 5 to Try: Halloween Treats
    Photo: William Dickey

    5 to Try: Halloween Treats

    Fluffy white meringue is perfect for creating these ghastly ghosts. Form eyes by adding miniature chocolate morsels before baking; string licorice can be inserted to form a hanger if desired.

    Video: Beating Egg Whites for Meringue

    Recipe: White Meringue Ghosts

  • Chocolate Candy Corn Truffles

    Chocolate Candy Corn Truffles

    For chocolate lovers, truffles are the definition of the word "treat"! This recipe pairs chocolate with citrus flavors from orange liqueur and orange marmalade. A dusting of cocoa powder and a candy corn lend a festive touch.

    Video: Melting Chocolate

    Recipe: Chocolate Candy Corn Truffles

  • Candied Apples

    Candied Apples

    Dip Red Delicious apples in a homemade cinnamon-flavored coating for candied apples that are even better than those from your local Halloween carnival.

    Recipe: Candied Apples

  • Chocolate Ghost Cakes
    Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey, Rose Nguyen

    Chocolate Ghost Cakes

    These cakes may be the easiest Halloween treats ever. Pipe melted white frosting into ghost shapes on cream-filled chocolate cakes (such as Little Debbie Devil Squares), then add eyes with black decorating gel. Presto! Boo-riffic Halloween cakes perfect for a block party or school celebration.

    Video: Filling Pastry Bags with Icing

    Recipe: Chocolate Ghost Cakes

  • Coconut Haystacks

    Coconut Haystacks

    If you think finding the perfect Halloween indulgence is like looking for a needle in a haystack, these chocolately creations may be just the ticket. This recipe combines melted chocolate with crushed graham crackers and sweetened coconut flakes for crispy, Butterfinger-like treat.

    Recipe: Coconut Haystacks

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