Crunchy Homemade Pickling Recipes

From pickled okra to dilled green beans these unique twists on the traditional pickle are sure to satisfy.

  • Easy Refrigerator Pickles

    Easy Refrigerator Pickles

    Love traditional sliced cucumber pickles? You can make your own with this easy recipe. The pickles keep in the fridge for up to one month.
  • Sweet-and-Sour Veggie Pickles
    Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Missie Neville Crawford

    Sweet-and-Sour Veggie Pickles

    Serve these pickles with cocktails or with grilled poultry or fish. This recipe makes four (1-pt.) jars—enough to keep and give away to friends and neighbors.
  • Dilled Green Beans

    Dilled Green Beans

    Green beans make for delicious pickles, especially when paired with red peppers and garlic. Grab a couple of pounds from your local farmers' market during peak season and you'll have homemade pickles to enjoy the rest of the year.
  • Spicy Pickled Okra
    Becky Luigart-Stayner

    Spicy Pickled Okra

    Make good use of an abundant summer okra harvest by whipping up these spicy pickles. White peppercorns and jalapeños add some kick, making these pickles a great side dish or martini garnish.
  • Zucchini Pickles
    Photo: Charles Maraia

    Zucchini Pickles

    Zucchini makes for great breads, cakes, soups, and more–why not pickles, too? Rice vinegar and ginger add a little Asian flair to this easy pickling recipe.
  • Spicy Pickled Vegetables
    Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Cindy Barr

    Spicy Pickled Vegetables

    These Tex-Mex-inspired pickles make great toppings for nachos, tacos, or chili.
  • Spicy Pickled Summer Vegetables
    Quentin Bacon

    Spicy Pickled Summer Vegetables

    For extra color and variety, add wax beans, hot peppers, haricots verts, icicle radishes, or pole beans. A wide-mouth jar makes pickling a snap--the vegetables are easier to slide inside.
  • Pickled Green Beans

    Pickled Green Beans

    Save the best of summer flavor by preserving ripe green beans at their peak.
  • Sweet and Sour Cucumber and Red Onion Pickles
    Annabelle Breakey

    Sweet and Sour Cucumber and Red Onion Pickles

    We riffed off classic bread-and-butter pickles, adding the unexpected tastes of lemongrass and coriander.

  • Spicy Dill Quick Pickles
    Photo: © Tina Rupp

    Spicy Dill Quick Pickles

    Your choice of red or green chiles adds heat to these cool pickles.
  • Bread-and-Butter Pickles
    Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Cindy Barr

    Bread-and-Butter Pickles

    This easy pickle recipe yields lots of cucumber pickles to keep on hand for picnics or snacks. Try bread-and-butter pickles on sandwiches or burgers, as a complement to field peas, or as a snack with whole-grain mustard, cheddar cheese, and crackers. Thin-skinned pickling cucumbers are essential.

  • Homemade Dill Pickles
    Photo: Petrina Tinslay

    Homemade Dill Pickles

    Skip the store and make pickles at home. All you need is a little time.
  • Mommy's Watermelon Rind Pickles
    Tina Cornett

    Mommy's Watermelon Rind Pickles

    Make the most of summer watermelon by saving the rind and making these tangy spiced pickles.
  • Green Tomato Pickles

    Green Tomato Pickles

    Instead of making fried green tomatoes, use those green tomatoes for tangy, spiced pickles that are perfect with ham, pork tenderloin, or grilled chicken. The recipe makes 7 pints, so you’ll have a few jars for gifts.
  • <p>Spiced Pickled Beets</p>
    Photo: Anais & Dax

    Spiced Pickled Beets

    What a sweet addition to a summer veggie plate! Any kind of beets will work; we used golden ones for their lovely color.
  • Pickled Jicama, Ginger, and Summer Peppers
    Annabelle Breakey

    Pickled Jicama, Ginger, and Summer Peppers

    A great use for the sweet peppers piled up at the farmers' market right now--all of them work in this juicy, tart pickle.
  • <p>Dill Pickle Spears</p>

    Dill Pickle Spears

    Considering that the average supermarket dill pickle spears contain 313mg sodium each, these are downright saintly, with only 193mg in 4 spears.
  • Mustard and Ginger Pickled Carrots
    Annabelle Breakey

    Mustard and Ginger Pickled Carrots

    These tender-crisp carrot pickles are good served with raw vegetables alongside dips at a party.
  • <p>Refrigerator Pickled Blackberries</p>
    Photo: Anais & Dax

    Refrigerator Pickled Blackberries

    The glistening jewels would be incredible as a sauce for duck breast, as part of a cheese platter, spooned onto ricotta-topped crostini, draped over yogurt, or plopped into cocktails.
  • Dill Pickle Spears
    Oxmoor House

    Dill Pickle Spears

    These classic spears are crisp, sour, and a sandwich's best friend. Like most pickles, they'll reach their best flavor and texture after three weeks in the jars.

  • Bread-and-Butter Pickles
    Oxmoor House

    Bread-and-Butter Pickles

    Try these sweet-and-sour pickles on sandwiches, in deviled eggs, or straight out of the jar.

  • Squash Pickle Medley
    Oxmoor House

    Squash Pickle Medley

    This colorful blend mimics bread-and-butter pickles--sweet, tart, and squeaky-crisp--even though it contains no cucumbers. Use the freshest zucchini and yellow squash you can find, free of blemishes and with no hint of limpness, for the crispiest results.

  • Quick Confetti Pickles
    Oxmoor House

    Quick Confetti Pickles

    No time to can? No problem. These refrigerator pickles are easy--and so colorful that you'll want to shingle them on buttered brown bread or put them in a glass bowl just to show them off. Standard radishes will do, but slender, carrotlike icicle radishes from the farmers' market are easier to slice.

  • Pickled Jalapeno Slices
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Jalapeño Slices

    If you like things hot, you'll love these fiery pickles. They're ideal as a final atomic flourish on tacos, nachos, and huevos rancheros. If you prefer milder pickled peppers, cut off the stem ends, and scoop or tap out some of the seeds before slicing the peppers.

  • <p>Dilly Beans</p>

    Dilly Beans

    These addictively crunchy sticks would make a mighty fine Bloody Mary garnish. Wide-mouth jars are your friend here. When placing beans into jars, try squeezing them into a tight bunch before pushing them down inside.
  • Pickled Garlic with Chiles
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Garlic with Chiles

    Try these crunchy cloves in dirty martinis and anywhere you'd use fresh garlic. The garlic is mellowed and crisped by pickling and enhanced by hot peppers, and the hit of vinegar brightens any savory dish.

  • Pickled Golden Beets
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Golden Beets

    This recipe works with red beets, too, but golden beets are less likely to stain your fingers or your apron.

  • Pickled Dilled Beans
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Dilled Beans

    Crushed red pepper gives these beans a kick. A mix of green and yellow beans makes for a pretty jar.

  • Pickled Pearl Onions
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Pearl Onions

    Use these crisp, tart onions as sandwich toppers, martini garnishes, or interesting additions to meat-and-cheese platters.

  • Pickled Okra
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Okra

    Okra shrink and float when pickled. To get the most in each jar, pack one layer of okra with stem ends down and tips up and another layer with stem ends up and tips down, interlacing the tips in the middle of the jar.

  • Pickled Peppers and Onions
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Peppers & Onions

    This medley of bell peppers and red onion is the perfect accompaniment to a sandwich or an appetizer tray.

  • Pickled Asparagus
    Oxmoor House

    Pickled Asparagus

    You need to trim the asparagus to fit your jars, but you needn't discard the tender trimmings. Chop them evenly, blanch or sauté, and add to spring pasta or egg dishes.

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