5 Indian Classics

Not all Indian cuisine is hot–flavors vary from region to region, and there's something for everyone.

  • Tandoori Kebabs

    5 to Try: Indian Classics

    The traditional "tandoori" method of cooking involves marinating meat in yogurt to tenderize it. Serve with naan–that fluffy, warm, tortilla-like bread– or on top of a salad.

    Recipe: Tandoori Kebabs

  • Saag Paneer
    Photo: Leigh Beisch

    Saag Paneer

    Sag Paneer is basically an exotic creamed spinach featuring paneer, a simple cheese that is super easy to make at home. The paneer's fresh flavor complements the warm spices and spinach.

    Recipe: Saag Paneer

  • Shrimp Biryani
    Photo: Leigh Beisch

    Shrimp Biryani

    This classic one-dish rice meal is made fragrant with cardamom, nuts, cumin, and cinnamon. It's pretty enough for company but simple enough for a weeknight meal. You can also substitute chicken or your favorite vegetable for the shrimp.

    Recipe: Shrimp Biryani

  • Raita


    Raita, or Indian yogurt salad, is traditionally used as a cool complement to spicy entrées. This version features chopped cucumbers, onion, cilantro, lime juice, and spices mixed with whole-milk yogurt.

    Recipe: Raita

  • Roasted Potatoes with North Indian Spices

    Roasted Potatoes with North Indian Spices

    Jazz up roasted potatoes with garlic, ginger, mustard seed, cilantro, mint, and lime juice for a delicious side that pairs well with any Indian main dish.

    Recipe: Roasted Potatoes with North Indian Spices

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