5 Dark Chocolate Treats

Keep your heart healthy and your taste buds happy with these dark chocolate delights.

  • Rich 'n Thick Hot Chocolate

    5 to Try: Dark Chocolate Treats

    Toss those instant hot chocolate packets in favor of the real thing! Curl up on the sofa with a good book and a mug of Rich 'n Thick Hot Chocolate. Chopped dark chocolate bars lend a deep, rich flavor complemented by sweet honey and vanilla.

    Recipe: Rich 'n Thick Hot Chocolate

  • Outrageous Warm Double Chocolate Pudding

    Outrageous Warm Double Chocolate Pudding

    This heavenly dessert combines bittersweet chocolate and unsweetened cocoa for a double chocolate boost. Each serving is cooked in its own individual ramekin, which give you the perfect excuse not to share!Recipe: Outrageous Warm Double Chocolate Pudding

  • Dark Chocolate Bourbon Torte

    Dark Chocolate Bourbon Torte

    This torte infuses luscious dark chocolate with a splash of bourbon. It's an elegant, Southern-style treat to impress your guests.

    Recipe: Dark Chocolate Bourbon Torte

  • PB & Chocolate Pan Cookie

    PB & Chocolate Pan Cookie

    When the world hands you a day you'd rather forget, treat yourself to some much needed dark chocolate comfort. This pan cookie recipe calls for chunky peanut butter and dark chocolate morsels–a winning combination!

    Recipe: PB & Chocolate Pan Cookie

  • Dark Chocolate-Chunk Brownies

    Dark Chocolate-Chunk Brownies

    These brownies are an absolute crowd pleaser. Incredibly moist and full of deep chocolate flavor, everyone will be asking for seconds in no time. Serve either plain or topped with whipped cream, fresh mint, and fresh raspberries.

    Recipe: Dark Chocolate-Chunk Brownies

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