5 Coffee Shop Drinks You Can Make at Home

Get your coffee shop fix in your own kitchen, saving time and money, with these five cozy drinks.

  • Warm Hazelnut Toddy
    Photo: Francesco Lagnese

    Warm Hazelnut Toddy

    This adult beverage, perfect for after-dinner sipping, calls for just three ingredients: Frangelico, hot water, and heavy whipping cream. Developed in Northern Italy, Frangelico is a liqueur infused with the flavors of crushed hazelnuts, cocoa, and vanilla. The rich, nutty flavor will warm your heart almost as much as that favorite cup of coffee.
  • White Chocolate Latte

    White Chocolate Latte

    For this enticing treat, mix white chocolate morsels with milk, half-and-half, and instant coffee, then heat and stir until you've got a rich, velvety concoction. Add vanilla and almond extracts to enhance the flavor, and serve with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick for an authentic finish.
  • Hot Mulled Ginger-Spiced Cider

    Hot Mulled Ginger-Spiced Cider

    This mulled cider requires a few hours to simmer in the slow cooker, which not only frees up the stovetop, but also fills your house with wonderful aromas. Infused with cloves, orange rind, allspice, cinnamon, apple jelly, nutmeg, and zesty fresh ginger, this cider will be a hit at any winter gathering.
  • Mocha-Spiced Coffee
    Photo: Jan Smith

    Mocha-Spiced Coffee

    Here's a clever way to give your ordinary coffee a kick: Combine ground coffee with ground cinnamon and nutmeg and brew as you would a normal pot of joe. Stir in heated milk, brown sugar, chocolate syrup, and vanilla, then top with whipped cream for an easy caffeinated treat.
  • Barcelona Hot Chocolate
    Oxmoor House

    Barcelona Hot Chocolate

    This recipe will have you banishing all instant hot chocolate packets from the house! Bittersweet dark chocolate is melted on the stovetop with milk, espresso, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and a piece of orange rind. This treat isn't as sweet as American hot chocolate, but it's a deep, dark, and truly decadent drink. Top with whipped cream, sit back, and enjoy.

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