5 Toaster Oven Surprises

Toaster ovens can do a lot more than just, well, toast.

  • Raspberry S'Mores
    Photo: James Baigrie

    Raspberry S'Mores

    S'mores without building a campfire? Yes, you heard right. Simply top graham crackers with marshmallows and broil until golden brown. Add chocolate and raspberries, pressing together for an explosion of sweet and tart goodness.
  • Sweet Corn Quesadillas
    Photo: Kirsten Strecker

    Sweet Corn Quesadillas

    Who needs a panini press, griddle, or fry pan when your toaster oven can do the trick? Top flour tortillas with sweet corn, red bell pepper, diced red onion, chopped jalapeños, fresh cilantro, and a sprinkle of monterey jack cheese. Finish off with another flour tortilla and bake until the cheese is melted and oozing out of your crispy, flaky quesadilla.
  • Moroccan Pork Kebabs
    Photo: Kirsten Strecker

    Moroccan Pork Kebabs

    Don't worry, there's no need to fire up the grill for this easy weeknight meal. Flavor the pork with a homemade marinade, then skewer with slices of eggplant and onion. Bake in the toaster oven until the veggies are tender and the pork is cooked through. Serve with warm pita bread, tzatziki sauce, fresh cucumber, and mint.
  • Greek Frittata
    Photo: Kirsten Strecker

    Greek Frittata

    Other than olive oil, salt, and pepper, this easy recipe calls for just 5 ingredients. The tomatoes, scallions, and spinach add gorgeous color, while crumbled Feta cheese brings the flavors of the Mediterranean straight to your table.
  • Fish and Chips
    Photo: Kirsten Strecker

    Fish and Chips

    Forget the deep fryer, because this baked version of classic fish and chips is super easy and better for you. Simply toss potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh thyme, then bake in the toaster oven for 30 minutes. In the same pan, bake two slices of flaky, mild cod and top with a bright mixture of lemon slices, salty capers, and aromatic garlic. Serve alongside the roasted potatoes and finish the dish with a squeeze of lemon.
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