5 Enticing Midnight Snacks

Check out these five treats that are sure to satisfy when the midnight chime strikes.

  • Popcorn with Brown Butter and Parmesan
    Photo: Quentin Bacon

    Popcorn with Brown Butter and Parmesan

    No ordinary popcorn snack is worth sleepwalking to the microwave for, but popcorn drizzled with melted browned butter and sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese is another story altogether.
  • Easy Chocolate-Mint Ice-cream Sandwiches

    Chocolate-Mint Ice-cream Sandwiches

    There are those who politely tackle their ice cream cravings with a bowl and spoon, and then there are those who take it to a whole new level. These homemade ice cream sandwiches are chewy, crunchy, creamy, and full of minty flavor. Only passionate ice cream lovers need apply!
  • Traditional Hummus
    Photo: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Jan Gautro, Laura Zapalowski

    Traditional Hummus

    Hummus is a great midnight snack because it's big on flavor and low on calories. For this homemade version, simply puree chickpeas with garlic and tahini, add fresh lemon juice for a splash of citrus flavor, and finish with olive oil for that familiar creamy texture. Settle in on the couch with some pretzels and pita chips, then call it a night.
  • All-Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas; Styling: Rose Nguyen

    All-Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

    If the clock strikes midnight and your sweet tooth starts to ache, a couple of these chocolate chip cookies will do the trick. Soft and chewy with just a little crunch, these cookies are filled with chocolate morsels and taste even better with a tall glass of milk. For variety, try one of our suggested Flavor Cravings substitutions, such as Chocolate Chip-Pretzel Cookies or Almond-Toffee Cookies.
  • Chili-Spiced Nuts
    James Carrier

    Chili-Spiced Nuts

    Spice up your night with a snack mix full of heat. Pecans, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and pistachios are all tossed in sugar, salt, and dried chipotle chiles. These nuts are a perfect snack to satisfy cravings, no matter what hour they strike.
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