Must-Have Holiday Cocktail Napkins

A little naughty, a little nice, these holiday cocktail napkins are just the thing for your next hostess gift or holiday party.

  • <p>Hoes Cocktail Napkin</p>

    Girls-Only Cocktail Party

    Everyone has that girlfriend, you know the one with the bawdy sense of humor who's amazingly loyal to her besties. Host a girls-only gathering and invite her so she can appreciate your festive party accents.

  • <p>Fruitcake Cocktail Napkin</p>

    New Year's Eve Party

    Next year, with its diets and resolutions, can wait. Tonight is for indulgence, caviar, and extra Champagne.

  • <p>Nutcracker Cocktail Napkin</p>

    Romantic Night for Two

    If you hear "Get a room!" more than once per date night, then take the advice of those well-wishers and have a cozy night in this season.

  • <p>Nog Blog Cocktail Napkin</p>

    Blog Buddies IRL Party

    Break out of the inbox and invite your blogging buddies over for an IRL dessert party. Now's the time to show your non-blogworthy selves, so break out the photobooth and the embarrassing stories.

  • <p>Naughty Cocktail Napkin</p>

    Sweet and Spicy Night In

    Have a couples' party featuring our best bite-sized treats. We suggest playing Dirty Santa while you enjoy the treats; just ask everyone to bring one gift. It can be silly, crazy, or super indulgent. Let the swapping begin!

  • <p>Nativity Cocktail Napkin</p>

    Gift-Wrapping Party

    Mall traffic got you down? Get together with the girls after you're all done battling the check out lines and sale exclusions. We suggest wrapping a few gifts before you get too deep into that mulled wine--those package corners can be tricky!

  • <p>Hoes Cocktail Napkin</p>

    IMproper Greetings Cocktail Napkins

    We admit it; we wouldn't normally plan parties around festive napkins, but these are so gosh-darn cute that they simply inspire a good time. Order a few, or use them as inspiration, and get planning! The good times await. See the IMProper Greetings Cocktail Napkins.

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