Holiday Gifts for Food Lovers

If you’ve got someone on your gift list who loves food, cooking and entertaining, these gifts are guaranteed to please.  You might want to get two and keep one for yourself.

  • <p>Cannisters</p>


    Although a set of canisters might seem like a strange gift, these cool Memo Canisters with chalkboard labels will be warmly received by anyone who loves to cook.  They can be used to store staples, keeping food in the refrigerator, or transporting prepared dishes or ingredients.  The erasable chalkboard labels make them very versatile and very cool.

  • <p>Baking Set</p>

    Baking Set

    For the baker on your list, we suggest a colorful 4-piece baking set from Joseph Joseph that includes an adjustable rolling pin, a pie timer, and an elevated spatula and pastry brush, all in fun colors of pink and purple.  These elevated kitchen tools are one of our favorite items – no worrying about where to set the spatula and no mess on the countertop.  Very cool idea.

  • <p>Wine Aerator</p>

    Wine Aerator

    Any wine lover will appreciate a wine aerator.  This aerator from LS Arts is not a large, complicated contraption –it’s small and handy and allows you to decant the wine instantly when you’re pouring it out of the bottle.  Packaged with a sleek vacuum pump stopper, this is a gift that will be truly appreciated. 

  • <p>Tile Cheese Markers</p>

    Tile Cheese Markers

    These elegant tile cheese markers from Placetile Designs make a thoughtful gift and will add a touch of elegance, as well as information, to any wine and cheese party.  You can also order tile wine markers and menu tiles.

  • <p>Nutmeg Mill</p>

    Nutmeg Mill

    This nutmeg mill from Cole & Mason is a unique gift for the person who really does have everything and could be used during the holidays when sprinkling nutmeg over eggnog or on top of a pumpkin pie. It holds up to 4 whole nutmegs in the side compartment and allows the nutmeg to be grated very finely with no risk to fingers!

  • <p>Chillball</p>


    For wine enthusiasts, a set of CHILLBALLS from Make My Day Products will probably be the most popular gift of the season.  Clip a frozen ball on the side of the wine glass so that it sits securely at the bottom of the glass. It keeps the wine at just the right temperature without compromising the flavor.   They come packaged in a portable storage unit along with four clips of two different lengths.  They’re dishwasher safe and stan-resistant.

  • <p>Food Poetry Magnets</p>

    Food Poetry Magnets

    Here’s the perfect gift for someone who loves both words and food:  a set of magnetic poetry featuring fabulous food words like tapenade and carpaccio. They’ll be able to turn the fridge into a creative outlet, even before they start cooking.  For your more practical foodie friends, you can order grocery list magnets or magnets with recipes for cocktails.

  • <p>Popcorn Bowl</p>

    Popcorn Bowl

    For your movie-loving foodie friends, we recommend this enamelware popcorn bowl from Golden Rabbit.   You can select one large bowl or two small bows, both of which come in a matching gift box. To complete your gift, tuck in some bag of microwave popcorn and either a favorite movie DVD or some movie tickets.

  • <p>Cook&#8217;s Journal</p>

    Cook’s Journal

    Give a gift that will be truly treasured when you record family recipes in this vintage recipe book from Kitchen Papers . Each book has space for 40 entries and you can choose between an entrée or desserts volume.  This vintage book with a classic design will certainly be a gift from the heart.


  • <p>Designer Kitchen Linens&#160;</p>

    Designer Kitchen Linens 

    Apron and kitchen linen from the Working Class Studio at the Savannah College of Art and Design make a perfect gift for novice cooks as well as more “well-seasoned” cooks. The products are designed and produced by students, alumni and faculty of the college and sold in retail stores across the county. The Savannah Toile collection features aprons, oven mitts, pot holders and tea towels.

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