Wedding Cake Alternatives

While a tiered wedding cake can wow your guests, there are other options for reception desserts. Skip the cake and get creative.

  • <p>Wedding Pies</p>
    Blair Rumley

    Wedding Cake Alternatives

    While a tiered wedding cake can wow your guests, there are other options for decadent reception desserts, ranging from donuts to s’mores.
  • Easy Doughnuts
    Blair Rumley, Photo: Yunhee Kim

    Tiered Donut Tower

    Place these donuts on a tiered tower for a wedding cake look that's only a fraction of the cost. Pair with coffee drinks or dessert wines.
  • Ice Cream Cake
    Blair Rumley, Photo: Lisa Hubbard

    Ice Cream Cake

    It may still be a cake, but an ice cream cake is a fun alternative for a sweltering summer wedding. Guests will love cooling down with this sweet treat. Just be sure to be mindful of serving time-- this is one dessert that won't keep if left in the sun.
  • Chocolate-Coffee Cheesecake Tartlets
    Blair Rumley, Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey

    Cheesecake Tartlets

    With bite-sized desserts, guests won’t feel so guilty indulging in one (or three). Arrange assorted flavors on a tiered tower for an elegant look with ease.
  • Mini Cherry Pies
    Blair Rumley, Photo: Kate Mathis; Styling: Paul Grimes

    A Mini Pie Bar

    Not a cake person? Try some pie. Guests can grab these mini pies without waiting to be served. For a fall wedding try pecan or pumpkin and for summer weddings try blueberry or blackberry.
  • Wedding Cake Cupcakes
    Blair Rumley, Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Jan Gautro

    A Cupcake Bar

    Savor the flavor of wedding cake in cupcakes. Dainty and delicate, these cupcakes are as beautiful as a wedding cake, and knife-free.
  • <p>Angel Food Cake Pops</p>
    Blair Rumley

    Cake Pops

    Decorate these precious pops to match your wedding palette. Craft a tiered tower to hold them for a grandiose presentation guests will swoon over.
  • The Ultimate S'more
    Blair Rumley, Photo: Annabelle Breakey

    A S'mores Bar

    S’mores bring the warmth of childhood and campfires to any event. Provide homemade marshmallows, gourmet chocolate, and an open flame (or bonfire).
  • Caramelized Fig Ice Cream
    Blair Rumley, Photo: Leo Gong; Styling: Karen Shinto

    Fresh Twists on Ice Cream

    Give your guests an ice cream bar with a variety of fun, fresh flavors with toppings on the side.
  • Orange Ribbon Cheesecake
    Blair Rumley, Annabelle Breakey; Dan Becker

    Craving Cheesecake

    Your guest will rave when they see these rich, fruity, creamy cheesecakes displayed on the dessert table.
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