Our Presidents' Favorite Foods  

Celebrate President's Day by serving a few favorite dishes of some of the world's most powerful men.

  • Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili
    Photo: Oxmoor House

    Barack Obama's Chili

    Early in his presidency, Barack Obama revealed that he loves to cook a humble pot of chili.  If you'd like to share Obama's passion for a good, hearty chili, check out this speedy 5-ingredient beef version featuring ground round, corn, and black beans.  Dinner on the table in under 30 minutes?  Yes, you can!

    Recipe: Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili

  • Huevos Rancheros
    Photo: William Meppem

    George W. Bush's Huevos Rancheros

    Barack Obama isn't the only president with a taste for spicy foods.  According to White House Chef, George W. Bush favored a Sunday meal of huevos rancheros, a classic Tex-Mex dish.  Considering this former governor's love of all things Texan, this isn't too surprising!  Try your hand at this tasty egg recipe for a twist on traditional brunch fare.

    Recipe: Huevos Rancheros

  • Bill Clinton's Burgers

    Bill Clinton's Burgers

    Bill Clinton's love of fast food, and his uncanny ability to get caught sampling them, have forever cemented rich foods with this former President's tastes. If only he'd known that restaurant-style favorites don't have to be big on fat and calories, he could've saved himself a few jogs down Pennsylvania Avenue. Check out the light versions of your favorite Asian, Italian, and Mexican favorites, or just grab a better-for-you burger.

    Recipe: Open-Faced Burgers with Onion-Mushroom Topping

  • George H. W. Bush's Broccoli

    George H. W. Bush's Broccoli

    Some Presidents are known for loving food (think Washington and his cherry tree), and others are known for hating certain vegetables, like George H. W. Bush and his broccoli. At an outdoor news conference, he proclaimed that he did not like broccoli and, now that he was President, he wouldn't eat it. We guarantee that if he'd tried this top-rated recipe, which features a cheesy drizzle over steamed flowerets, he might just give broccoli a second chance.

    Recipe: Broccoli Parmesan

  • Ronald Reagan's Bread

    Ronald Reagan's Bread

    While it's reported that the typical Reagan breakfast was low on fat and heavy on bran, the President knew when to splurge. On special occasions, The White House Family Cookbook showed that Monkey Bread was a favorite of the President's. Make a bar version of the popular cake to enjoy on the road or send as a gift to friends and family.

    Recipe: Monkey Bars

  • Jimmy Carter's Grits

    Jimmy Carter's Grits

    Jimmy Carter's administration ushered Southern gentility into the White House in the form of a highly-contested breakfast dish. Whether a visitor hailed from south Alabama or the South of France, they were often treated to a heaping bowl of grits, baked with cheese, during trips to Carter's White House during the breakfast hour. Serve the morning favorite for dinner, topped with country ham and wild mushrooms.

    Recipe: Baked Grits with Country Ham, Wild Mushrooms, Fresh Thyme, and Parmesan

  • John F. Kennedy's Chowder

    John F. Kennedy's Chowder

    A man of wide culinary tastes, Kennedy gravitated to a specific, heart-warming dish for his preferred lunch. A bowl of New England-inspired clam chowder, often paired with corn muffins, served to satiate him at his midday meal. Try a quick-cooking version of his favorite meal for a filling lunch, and don't forget the muffins!

    Recipe: Simple Clam Chowder

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt's Dogs

    Franklin D. Roosevelt's Dogs

    It's documented that, as early as 1934, FDR served hot dogs to White House visitors, dignitaries, and even the King and Queen of England, on one special occasion in June of 1939. Bring FDR's craving down to size by serving Baby Ballpark Dogs for an appetizer at your next party. Made with mini cocktail franks and homemade rolls, these two-bite beauties are fun and delicious.

    Recipe: Baby Ballpark Dogs

  • Theodore Roosevelt's Oysters

    Theodore Roosevelt's Oysters

    According to the Theodore Roosevelt Association, the former President dined on a feast of Bluepoint Oysters, Green Turtle Soup, and more during his six course birthday dinner in 1900–And that's not counting the dessert and coffee courses. Fire up the broiler and make this top-rated seafood favorite.

    Recipe: Broiled Oysters with Celery Cream and Virginia Ham

  • Ulysses S. Grant's Turkeys

    Ulysses S. Grant's Turkeys

    When moving into the White House, Grant brought along a personal chef: the cook from his Army mess hall. Rumor has it that this chef specialized in simple meals, serving turkey for formal meals and bigger turkeys for even fancier state dinners. At MyRecipes, we're big fans of the bird, but suggest serving only the best. Check out our selection of 5-Star Turkeys, and get carving.

    Recipe: Dry-Cured Rosemary Turkey

  • Andrew Johnson's Popcorn

    Andrew Johnson's Popcorn

    This Tennessean enjoyed light-hearted entertaining in his Pennsylvania Avenue abode, often hosting popcorn parties for guests. Throw your own popcorn gathering and make it snazzy by topping the snack with edible gold dust, caramel, or even honey.

    Recipe: Gold-Dusted White Chocolate Popcorn

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