Xtreme Tailgating

Burgers and buns are important, but nothing beats a motorized cooler, personalized mustard, or a ring that doubles as a bottle opener.

  • Motorized Cooler

    Motorized Cooler

    Whether you're lugging a cooler of drinks or one loaded with all the trimmings, your arms are bound to get tired. Save yourself some heavy lifting and pack the goods in a Rally&trade Motorized Ice Chest that does all the work for you – walking included! You can feel good about this splurge – proceeds help abused children through the Bikers Special Children's Foundation.
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  • Gas-Powered Blender

    Gas-Powered Blender

    Have fun at your next outdoor tailgate by whipping up a blender of margaritas – no electricity required. This portable, gas-powered blender lets you bring the party with you – whether you choose the game, boat, concert, beach, or backyard. Just give the starter cord a rip and get the party started!
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  • Team-Spirit Hot Chocolate
    Photo: Jim Sheetz

    Team-Spirit Hot Chocolate

    Stay warm at your cool-weather tailgate with a steaming mug of hot chocolate in your team's school color. This color-changing hot chocolate is available for over 80 schools and features colors like red, green, purple, yellow, orange, and blue. Just mix with hot water and be ready to cheer on your team.
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  • Picnic Basket

    Picnic Basket

    Pack a game-day meal that favors wine glasses over beer cans in an elegant picnic box. The picnic box includes wine glasses, porcelain plates, and silverware for four, plus three plastic storage containers, an insulated bag, a tablecloth, and a corkscrew. It's the perfect gift for the tailgater that likes to take the better things in life with him on the road.
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  • Personalized Mustard & Wing Sauce
    Photo: Lee Harrelson

    Personalized Mustard & Wing Sauce

    When you're dressed to the nines in your team's colors, why dress your dog with anything other than a mustard sporting the favored logo? We suggest ordering these personalized mustard and wing sauces in bulk so you can pass out the crowd-pleasing favorites to fellow admiring fans.
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  • All-In-One Grill and Cooler
    Photo: Lee Harrelson

    All-In-One Grill and Cooler

    Tailgate space is at a premium, so grab a cooler that has a propane grill tucked away inside and all the grill tools you need for a day of flipping patties and skewering hot dogs. The grill sits underneath the zip-in cooler and comes in a black canvas draw-string bag, for easy clean-up and storage after the game. It's everything you need for a day on the quad.
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  • Green Flatware
    Photo: Lee Harrelson

    Green Flatware

    Go green at your next tailgate and use plates and bowls made from recycled material. The near-indestructible design makes them ideal for occasions when big celebrations and festive touchdown dances are sure to happen.
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  • Drinks On the Go
    Photo: Underdevelopment Inc.

    Drinks On the Go

    Not that we advocate sneaking adult beverages into sporting events, but if you need to pack an extra 80 ounces of liquid on you, the Beer Belly is the way to do it. Fill the belly with your favorite lager and strap it on. A plastic tube and mouthpiece snake up the back of your shirt for easy access. Fear not, ladies, you can partake, too. Check out the Wine Rack for more information.
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  • Popcorn Launcher

    Popcorn Launcher

    You have to do something during commercials, so keep the competitive vibe going with the Wild Fling. Load the flipper with a piece of popcorn then take aim and let fly at the goal. It comes with a basketball hoop, but includes a send-away card for a free goal-post attachment.
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  • Ring Bottle Opener

    Ring Bottle Opener

    Impress your fellow fans by opening beers with the flick of a wrist. The ring has a special opening on the underside that effortlessly pops open the bottles, so you're sure to be a hero when the group realizes they left the opener behind. If you're looking for a good gift for your tailgate buddies, look no further. Get Yours Now
  • The Tailgater

    The Tailgater

    Bring on the ultimate game-day experience. The Tailgater lets you roll onto campus in style. Set up shop while you watch the pre-game shows on the flat screen TV underneath the roll-out awning, or stay inside in the plush interior and enjoy the cool air while the rest of your fellow fans beat the heat under the sun. It's a splurge, for sure, but a must-have for any die-hard fan that wants to be the life of the party.
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  • Beer Holster
    Photo: Jerry Kelly

    Beer Holster

    Go hands-free at your next tailgate. This is the ideal can holster–It's insulated, allows you two hands for grazing, and makes tailgate-hopping a snap. Our only advice? Keep any jogging or jumping to a minimum to avoid unwanted fizz.
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  • Salad on Ice
    Photo: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Virginia Cravens

    Salad on Ice

    Keep the tailgate buffet safe with an iced salad bowl guaranteed to chill pasta salads, dips, and spreads alike. Fill the outer bowl with ice, then nestle the interior bowl on top. Lid and tongs included.
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  • Beer Chips
    Photo: Jerry Kelly

    Beer Chips

    Everyone knows that beer pairs perfectly with chips, but why separate the two? Dig into a bowl of salty, thick-cut, kettle-style chips coated with sugar, honey, and salt. If you can only bring one item to a tailgate, bring these chips–they're all-in-one delicious. Branch out and try the margarita and Bloody Mary varieties as the season goes on.
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