Tailgating with the Neelys

Pat and Gina Neely, stars of television's Down Home with the Neelys, coach you through the best tailgating season ever with their game-winning entertaining tips and recipes.

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For tailgating on location, you must have food that can travel. Which portable foods do you two recommend?

The Neelys: Store chilled foods in an insulated cooler; they only gain two to three degrees an hour. Pat swears by Gina's mother's famous potato salad, Mama Jean's Potato Salad. Sandwiches are another great thing to bring. Try a hardy and crowd-pleasing New Orleans-style muffuletta that's loaded with deli meats.

Traveling Food Tips: Chilled foods travel more easily than foods that need to be kept warm.

Tailgating is all about the food and the drinks. Which food and drink combo says it's football season to you?   

Gina: Nothing says football season to me like a hot dog topped with chili and Neely's slaw washed down with my favorite low-cal, girlie drink, Crystal Light pink lemonade and vodka.

Pat: I stick to the tried-and-true ribs and beer combination.

Four quarters is a long time. How do you pace the food to make it through the whole game?   

The Neelys: We bring plenty and keep cooking! We always over prepare, if we expect 30 then we cook for 40. If there aren't leftovers, then you've done something wrong.

What team are you rooting for this season? 

The Neelys: We cheer for our hometown team, the University of Memphis Tigers! If they aren't playing, then we'll cheer for another Tennessee team.

Do you take special menu-considerations depending on the teams that are playing? Would you serve gumbo and bbq if LSU and Tennessee are playing?   

The Neelys: Never ever! The menu is barbecue even if Hawaii is playing. Barbecue is our blood. Gumbo doesn't stand a chance to ever make our tailgate.


Zoë Gowen
Oct, 2010
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