Editors’ Favorite College Town Breweries

From Colorado to Alabama, our editors have tasted, tested, and chosen their favorite brews to enjoy in college towns throughout the country.

  • <p>College Town Breweries</p>
    Photo courtesy of West Sixth Brewing

    Tailgating Brews

    Whether you’re traveling or staying at home to watch your favorite team play, head out to these local favorites to try something new this season. We love how much time and technique these companies dedicate to their craft and how involved they are in their communities and cities. After tasting and testing, here are the breweries that we believe are churning out the best session beers for a long day of cheering on your college team. If you can’t make it to the game, check out their websites to see if they distribute to a city near you!

  • <p>Trim Tab Brewing Company</p>
    Photo courtesy of Trim Tab Brewing Company

    Trim Tab Brewing Co.

    City: Birmingham, Alabama

    School: University of Alabama at Birmingham

    What to Drink: The IPA (pictured) and Pillar to Post Rye Brown

    Check it Out: 2721 5th Ave South: http://trimtabbrewing.com/

  • <p>Swamp Head Brewery</p>
    Photo courtesy of Swamp Head Brewery

    Swamp Head Brewery

    City: Gainesville, Florida

    School: University of Florida

    What to Drink: Stump Knocker American Pale Ale

    Check it Out: 3140 SW 42 Way: http://swamphead.com

  • <p>West Sixth Brewing</p>
    Photo courtesy of West Sixth Brewing

    West Sixth Brewing

    City: Lexington, Kentucky

    School: University of Kentucky

    What to Drink: West Sixth IPA

    Check it Out: 501 W 6th Street: http://www.westsixth.com/

  • <p>Yazoo Brewing Company</p>
    Photo courtesy of Yazoo Brewing Company

    Yazoo Brewing Company

    City: Nashville, Tennessee

    School: Vanderbilt University

    What to Drink: Dos Perros

    Check it Out: 910 Division Street: http://yazoobrew.com/

  • <p>Logboat Brewing Company</p>
    Photo courtesy of Logboat Brewing Company

    Logboat Brewing Company

    City: Columbia, Missouri

    School: University of Missouri

    What to Drink: Snapper IPA

    Check it Out: 504 Fay Street: http://www.logboatbrewing.com/

  • <p>Druid City Brewing</p>
    Photo courtesy of Druid City Brewing

    Druid City Brewing

    City: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    School: University of Alabama

    What to Drink: Lamplighter IPA

    Check it Out: 607 14th Street: http://www.druidcitybrewing.com/

  • <p>SweetWater Brewing Company</p>
    Photo courtesy of SweetWater Brewing Company

    SweetWater Brewing Company

    City: Atlanta, Georgia

    School: Georgia State University

    What to Drink: 420 Extra Pale Ale

    Check it Out: 195 Ottley Dr NE: http://sweetwaterbrew.com/

  • <p>Wolverine State Brewing Company</p>
    Photo: Colter Levi Longshore

    Wolverine State Brewing Company

    City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

    School: University of Michigan

    What to Drink: Wolverine Premium Lager

    Check it Out: 2019 W. Stadium: http://wolverinebeer.com/

  • <p>Proof Brewing Company</p>
    Photo courtesy of Proof Brewing Company

    Proof Brewing Company

    City: Tallahassee, Florida

    School: Florida State University

    What to Drink: Warpath

    Check it Out: 1717 W Tennessee Street: proofbrewingco.com/

  • <p>Naked City Brewery and Taphouse</p>
    Photo courtesy of Naked City Brewery and Taphouse

    Naked City Brewery and Taphouse

    City: Seattle, Washington

    School: University of Washington

    What to Drink: McGuffin Amber Ale

    Check it Out: 8564 Greenwood Ave North: nakedcitybrewing.com/

  • <p>Boulder Beer Company</p>
    Photo courtesy of Boulder Beer Company

    Boulder Beer Company

    City: Boulder, Colorado

    School: University of Colorado Boulder

    What to Drink: Hazed and Infused

    Check it Out: 2880 Wilderness Place: boulderbeer.com

  • <p>Foothills Brewing</p>
    Photo: Colter Levi Longshore

    Foothills Brewing

    City: Winston Salem, North Carolina

    School: Wake Forest University

    What to Drink: Carolina Blonde

    Check it Out: 638 W. Fourth Street: foothillsbrewing.com/

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