The Best College Quads

From the South to the Midwest, these college quads are not only beautiful and the center of student activity on their respective campuses, they're also pretty fun places to be on game day.

  • <p>University of Georgia Quad</p>

    University of Georgia

    Football sure is popular in the South! UGA fans set up tents, chairs, and plenty of food on the quad each autumn Saturday and cheer on their favorite football team.
  • <p>University of Missouri Quad</p>

    University of Missouri - The Columuns

    In January of 1892, Academic Hall, one of the first buildings erected on Missouri's campus, caught on fire. Afterwards, the six iconic columns were all that was left of the building. They remain on the quad today, and are a unique symbol for the university.
  • <p>The Grove</p>

    University of Mississippi - The Grove

    Ole Miss fans flock to The Grove each Saturday during football season. The Grove, which is about 10 acres, is surrounded by ancient oaks, elms, and magnolias. The fans gather around the Walk of Champions to see the football team before each game.
  • <p>Notre Dame Quad</p>

    University of Notre Dame

    There are tons of activities for Notre Dame fans to participate in on game day. You can take a walk around the lake, visit numerous statues on campus, and help form a tunnel for the football team to walk through on their way to the stadium!
  • <p>University of Virginia</p>

    University of Virginia - The Lawn

    Keep off the Lawn! How else could it stay so fresh and vibrant? UVA is also known for their classic gameday attire--guys in ties and girls in pearls.
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