Pumpkin Carving Party

Invite friends to a neighborhood pumpkin carving party where the treats are spooky and the cookies are haunted.

  • Halloween Party Outdoor Table
    Jennifer Koehler

    Set Up Outside

    The key to a good pumpkin carving party? Setting up outside so you don't need to worry about the mess! Keep it simple by keeping party and carving areas separate, and sticking to a simple color palate, like the season's signature orange and black.

  • Halloween Party Invitation
    Jennifer Koehler

    Carving Invitation

    Sending invitations makes the event feel special. Plus, it allows you a space to let people know what to expect. For this pumpkin carving party, the theme was BYOP, or Bring Your Own Pumpkin. Asking guests to bring their own pumpkin to carve ensures they get the proper size for their porch and saves you from weighing down your cart at the store.

  • Halloween Party Eyeball Bubble Gum
    Jennifer Koehler

    Eyeball Bubble Gum

    Serve snacks that are easy to enjoy while guests are working on their creations. Eyeball bubble gum is creepy when placed in a glass jar (a must for any Halloween event!) and delicious to chew while focusing on the perfect Jack 'O Lantern.

  • Halloween Party Chocolate Cookies
    Jennifer Koehler

    Brownie Cookies

    Adding a simple piece of candy corn dresses up these Brownie Cookies. Use this trick to decorate treats for any holiday gathering. For instance, you could add peppermint candies to sugar cookies for your gift wrapping party.

  • Halloween Party Ghost Cookies
    Jennifer Koehler

    Ghost Cookies

    These too-cute ghosts are perfect for a party focusing on pick-ups. Dunk Nutter Butters into melted white chocolate, then add mini chocolate chips for eyes.

  • Halloween Candy Corn Cupcakes
    Jennifer Koehler

    Candy Corn Cupcakes

    Store-bought cupcakes get top-notch treatment thanks to fancy liners and candy corn gummies. If the icing on the cupcakes has already set, add a dollop of orange icing as "glue" for securing your candies.

  • Halloween Party Treat Basket
    Jennifer Koehler

    Favor Basket

    Black and white fabric in a simple basket makes the ideal vehicle for party favors. Keep the basket near the exit so that guests are sure to grab one as they head for home.

  • DIY S'mores Gift Bag
    Jennifer Koehler

    Halloween Party S'mores Gift Bag

    Celebrate fall by sending guests home with gift bags loaded with all the makings for s'mores, including marshmallow ghosts. Trust us, it's the perfect sweet send off.

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