Jack 'O Lantern Party

Host a treat-filled pumpkin carving party for the ghosts and ghouls in your neighborhood this year.

  • Halloween Party Tablescape
    Jennifer Koehler

    Greet Your Guests

    Usher your guests into the fun by setting up a table of Halloween treats. The three glass jars have chalkboard lables attached to them for easy fun, in this case, "Trick" "Or" "Treat".

  • Pumpkin Carving Party Invitation
    Jennifer Koehler

    Send the Invitation

    Set the tone for your party by sending themed invitations. For our event, orange and black were a must!

  • Halloween Party Pumpkin Cakes
    Jennifer Koehler

    Pumpkin Cakes

    Pick up store-bought cakes, such as Snowballs, that are tinted orange, then top them with green gummy candies to make party-ready pumpkins.

  • Halloween Party Cupcakes
    Jennifer Koehler

    Table of Treats

    Orange-tinted marshmallows displayed in a glass jar are the perfect backdrop to must-have cupcakes.

  • Halloween Party Alien Gumballs
    Jennifer Koehler

    Alien Eyeballs

    Black and orange gumballs are the perfect alien eyeballs for pint-sized guests with full-scale imaginations. Get creative with other candies and kitchen ingredients. Cold cooked spaghetti noodles as brains, anyone?

  • Halloween Party Plates and Napkins
    Jennifer Koehler

    Ghost Cupcakes

    These chocolate cupcakes, topped with a simple cookies-and-cream frosting, make the perfect base for piped whipped cream ghosts with milk chocolate faces. If you prefer, use mini chocolate chips for the ghosts' eyes.

  • Halloween Party Pumpkin Face
    Jennifer Koehler

    Carve the Pumpkin

    Don't forget to carve the pumpkins! After your guests have enjoyed a few treats, usher them outside to a table covered in butcher paper and loaded down with stickers, markers, paint, and carving tools. Don't forget to provide mini candles for that perfect end-of-party photo opportunity.

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