7 Ways With Sugar Cookies

Whether you want to go traditional or try something new, these sugar cookies deliver with delicious icings, unusual flavors and festive shapes.

  • Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

    Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

    Elaborate as this cookie looks, it's super easy to pull off. The sturdy dough can be cut into any shape and is iced with melted white chocolate morsels. To intensify the vanilla flavor, vanilla bean seeds are stirred into the dough. If you don't have a vanilla bean, double the vanilla extract.
  • Cinnamon-Sugar Cookies
    Randy Mayor

    Cinnamon-Sugar Cookies

    Ready to shake up your sugar cookie repertoire? The double hit of cinnamon (on the inside and out) and the crispy, crunchy texture make these treats perfect for packaging and giving during the holidays.
  • Chocolate Sugar Cookies
    Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Rose Nguyen

    Chocolate Sugar Cookies

    These flavors aren't just for your favorite ice cream! The average sugar cookie gets a chocolaty makeover by adding unsweetened cocoa to the mix.
  • Lemon-Frosted Sugar Cookies

    Lemon-Frosted Sugar Cookies

    This Christmas, Santa won't leave a crumb on his plate after trying these luscious cookies topped with a tart-sweet lemon icing. Tint the icing with food coloring, and then add sprinkles, colored sugar, or candied lemon zest if your inner artist is calling.
  • Sugar Cookies
    Photo: Lucas Allen

    Sugar Cookies

    Just seven ingredients are all you'll need to make the easiest, best-tasting sugar cookies. Prepare the dough in advance and set aside some time on the weekend to make holiday cut-outs with the kids.
  • Caramelized-Sugar Cookies
    James Carrier

    Caramelized-Sugar Cookies

    Put up your feet after a long day of shopping and give yourself a sweet and crunchy treat. These not-so-traditional sugar cookies call for cooking granulated sugar until it hardens into a brittle caramel. Then crushed bits of caramel are folded into buttery cookie dough.
  • Sugar Cookies

    Sugar Cookies

    The soft dough for this simple sugar cookie is versatile enough to use for a handful of variations—from lemon thumbprints to chocolate kiss cookies to sugar cookies with a miniature peanut butter cup in the center.

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