Guide to Superfoods

Fresh ingredients, simple preparation, and an overall wow factor contribute to this collection of nutrient-rich superfoods.

  • Superfoods
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    Superfoods get their reputation for being the healthiest, most nutritious foods around. From fresh summer fruits and vegetables to rich dark chocolate to nuts and grains, these foods are nutritional powerhouses. Just one bite, sip, or slurp of these healthy recipes has the ability to decrease cancer risk, improve heart function, and/or fight infection. To achieve maximum health benefits, try to add these foods into your daily diet.
  • Superfood: Oranges
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    Sweet, juicy, and packed with vitamin C, oranges are a favorite fruit of adults and children.

  • All About Avocados
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    Besides being a fiesta favorite, there are many more reasons to lovethese avocado recipes. Avocados are packed with vitamins (like B & C), dietary fiber, and monounsaturated fats, which may help lower cholesterol.

  • Superfood: Carrots
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    You can improve your vision and fight off certain cancers by eating more carrots. Let us show you how.

  • Berries
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    If you're looking for a sweet-tooth satisfier with great nutritional benefits, try some seasonal berries.

  • Health Benefits of Barley


    Improve your health by eating more barley. You can use this hearty whole grain in a variety of recipes from salads and soups to dessert.

  • Rustic Grape Appetizer
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    More than just a quick snack, grapes are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants and are a quick and tasty addition to salads, sandwiches, pizza, and more.

  • Mint
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    Fresh mint enhances food with a burst of cool flavor and an added dose of vitamins, calcium, and antioxidants.

  • Health benefits of yogurt.
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    Classified as a healthy snack, yogurt is also a cook’s helper giving texture to baked goods and body to soups, sauces, and dips.

  • Superfood: Oats
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    The use of oats spans from breakfast to dinner and from sweet to savory. They are highly nutritious and packed with fiber.

  • Eggplant
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    Rich in color and nutrients, eggplant is a great addition to a variety of dishes.

  • Bell Peppers
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    Bell Peppers

    Don't be fooled by the sweetness of bell peppers—they pack a powerful nutrition punch in the fight against disease.

  • Dark Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate

    Better than sex? That's up for debate, but dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure, improve bad cholesterol, and help muscle fatigue. And we're not just sweet-talking.

  • Fresh Tomatoes

    Fresh Tomatoes

    Whether you grow them in your backyard or buy a basket at the farmers' market, fresh tomatoes offer a bounty of nutrition benefits.

  • Almonds
    Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Margaret Dickey


    Not only are almonds a tasty and versatile food, these little nuts boast big health benefits.

  • Zucchini Oven Chips
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    Zucchini is packed with beneficial nutrients including Vitamins C and A, potassium, folate, and fiber.

  • Green Tea

    Green Tea

    Embrace the wisdom of the ancient Chinese philosophers and fight cancer and heart disease with a sip or a spoonful of green tea.

  • Salmon
    Photo: Beau Gustafson; Styling: Rose Nguyen


    Because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, you can protect your heart by eating salmon just twice a week.

  • Quinoa
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    The supergrain quinoa offers a double punch of nutrition by being both high in fiber and in protein.

  • Strawberries
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    Sweet, juicy, and loaded with nutrients, strawberries are one of nature's tastiest and healthiest foods.

  • Spinach
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    Add a serving of leafy spinach to help protect against heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

  • Blueberries
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    Small berries boast big health benefits in these simple, healthy recipes.

  • Pumpkin
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    Pumpkins are so much more than colorful decorations—they offer big benefits for your health.

  • Soy
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    The joy of soy products is that they're versatile, easy to use, and can offer significant health benefits.

  • Pomegranate
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    Celebrated since ancient times as a symbol of vitality and abundance, the pomegranate actually does offer health benefits that are more that just mythical.

  • Sweet Potatoes
    Photo: Beau Gustafson; Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine

    Sweet Potatoes

    Versatile sweet potatoes are a sweet source for good nutrition.

  • Broccoli
    Photo: Lee Harrelson, Stylist: Mindi Shapiro


    Considered one of the most nutritious vegetables around, broccoli is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals to help fight cancer, build strong bones, and lower cholesterol.

  • Beans
    Photo: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Mindi Shapiro


    The humble bean steps into its proper light as a powerhouse of protein and disease-fighting nutrients.

  • Nutrition Benefits of Watermelon
    Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Leigh Ann Ross; Cooking Light


    Sweet and juicy, watermelon can do more than just refresh you on a hot summer day. This versatile fruit will help you get a dose of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

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