January 27, 2016

I have two tiny kids, a full-time job, and an always-hungry Golden Retriever rescue, so when it comes to meal planning, I need easy (plus a Costco membership for Colby’s favorite dry food). I’ve tried meal planning services before, but they all gave me seven dinners per week.

Wait, you say. There are seven days in a week, right? And you eat dinner for basically all of them, so what’s the problem?

You read the two tiny kids, full-time job and always-hungry Golden Retriever paragraph, right?

The problem is that life happens. We go out to dinner. The kids clamor for mac-n-cheese. Friends come over. My husband insists that leftovers are what he actually wants.

Long story short: I don’t need seven dinner plans, I need five. Which means I need an easy way to remove the unneeded recipes (and their ingredients) from my shopping list. Sounds  easy, but most plans don’t make it that way.

Then I tried the

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