Ring in the Games

Celebrate the 2014 Sochi Olympics with dishes that match the themes behind the five rings.

  • Gold Medal Flavors

    Gold Medal Flavors

    Honor the spirit of the games by making dishes that represent the themes behind each of the five Olympic rings: Passion, Work Ethic, Faith, Victory, and Sportsmanship. We picked our favorite ring-shaped foods, like these Chocolate Cake Doughnuts, to bring you a closing ceremony spread you can really sink your teeth into.

  • Barbecue-Flavored Onion Rings

    Work Ethic: Barbecue-Flavored Onion Rings

    Onion rings are a staple at every sporting event, tailgate, and sports bar. They're the hard-working, grab-and-go side that works alone, piled on a burger, or topped with a variety of sauces or dips. Allspice, chili powder, and a hint of cumin add warm smokehouse flavor to this ring recipe. Serve it with steaks, burgers, or as a crispy appetizer as you watch the final games.

  • Crown Lamb Rack with Green Herb Couscous

    Victory: Crown Lamb Rack with Green Herb Couscous

    Serve a gourmet-inspired dish that's beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Ask your butcher to make the crown rib roast, formed by tying two rib racks together, then rub the roast with spices and bake. Serve with a side of couscous and spoon a little extra in the middle of the racks, for good measure.

  • Skillet Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

    Sportsmanship: Skillet Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

    Pineapple gets the sportsmanship award in this dish. It's cooked in the bottom of a cast-iron skillet, then flipped upside-down to be the star of this super-moist cake. Plus, the rings adds great flavor and fun presentation to the warm dessert.

  • Glazed Chocolate Bundt Cake

    Faith: Glazed Chocolate Bundt Cake

    Baking, by definition, requires faith–faith that the cake will rise, that it won't fall, and that the baking powder in your pantry still has enough kick to keep the pastry light and fluffy. Make a cake that's flavored with espresso powder, bittersweet chocolate, and a little Bourbon. Trust us, after this cake, you'll be a believer, too.

  • Mushroom Tortellini with Arugula and Crispy Prosciutto

    Passion: Mushroom Tortellini with Arugula and Crispy Prosciutto

    If passion had a flavor, it would definitely be Italian. Besides being one of the most romantic countries in the world, Italy has produced the trademark foods of first dates, anniversaries, and favorite restaurants: baked lasagnas, pasta tosses, and hearty bowls of spaghetti, ideal for sharing. Serve a quick-cooking tortellini dish, delicately flavored with fresh sage, prosciutto, and sun-dried tomatoes, for your next special dinner.

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