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Participate in a weird meme without calling poison control

Tim Nelson
January 19, 2018

News outlets have been awash this week with stories about the dangers posed by Tide Pods. It seems that Extremely Online Teens™ have decided to (at least pretend to) eat the concentrated laundry detergent pouch as part of the “Tide Pod Challenge”, literally poisoning themselves for likes in a stunt that feels like the logical conclusion of internet culture as we know it. 

Things have gotten so bad that even Tide-sponsored NFL star Rob Gronkowski (who generally gives off the impression that he might actually eat laundry detergent) had to film a PSA telling youths not to eat the forbidden laundry fruit. But one brave Brooklyn pizza joint decided that there just had to be a better way.

In order to cash in on the viral craze, Williamsburg mainstay Vinny’s pizzeria is now selling “Pied Pods.” Naturally, they’re pepperoni-stuffed pizza rolls, decorated with died cheese meant to mimic the trademark blue and orange swirl that’s tricked toddlers and the aspiring Jake Pauls of the world into ingesting a chemical substance meant to wash clothes. 

This isn’t the first time Vinnie’s has attracted online attention for its outside the box take on pies. These are the same mozzarella madmen that once offered a slice of pizza with smaller slices on top of it and a pizza box somehow made out of pizza. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that they were quick to cash in on the viral craze. 

There’s no word on how “pied pods” actually taste, but this is definitely the one time where describing pizza as “edible” represents a marked improvement over other alternatives. 

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