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Watch this guy praise the $80 Ember mug he bought at Starbucks

Mike Pomranz
January 22, 2018

Mugs: The things that, if you go to enough conferences or join enough Secret Santas, you can build a formidable collection of without spending a dime. This past holiday season, Starbucks was aggressively promoting an $80 coffee mug made by a company called Ember. None other than Nick Jonas dropped by one Starbucks’ location to give an in-store, solo-acoustic performance to promote the mug.

Now, admittedly, Nick Jonas’s stamp of approval might be enough to bolster the value of any mug to $80, but this is not just any mug. The Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug also has temperature contr... Well, you get that part; it’s right in the name. But it’s more than just a heated mug: This Ember mug also connects with your smartphone to show you the current temperature of your beverage and to allow you to adjust its temperature by the degree. It also remembers presets for different drinks, just in case you prefer your macchiatos a different temperature than your flat whites.

Still, if you’re not ready to shell out $80, YouTuber Dave Lee—a self-described creator of “quality videos about useful tech”—filmed over six minutes detailing his Ember mug experience from why he bought it, to how much he likes it, to the few things that bug him about it.

“I remember thinking, There is no way that a coffee cup is worth 80 bucks. There’s no way!” Lee says during the review. “But then I look at the box, and I’m like, OK, it heats up your drink and it maintains the temperature. So I’m like, I’ll bite. So basically I got conned into buying this thing because of Starbucks marketing. But I will say though that after a couple weeks of using this thing I really enjoy this, hence the creation of this video.”

Apparently, plenty of people are intrigued enough to watch a video of what this so-called “$80 Starbucks Mug” is like. The video has been up less than a week and has already been viewed over 350,000. Thanks to Lee’s positive review, if even a relatively small percentage of those people go on to buy one, you’re likely to start seeing more Ember mugs out in the wild, despite their $80 price tag.

Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s got a lot of high-tech features… like maybe the power to mind-control its owners into making videos praising it? The robot takeover will keep our drinks warm for us!

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