photo courtesy of pepsi

Yup, white Pepsi

Tim Nelson
November 10, 2017

Crystal Pepsi made a huge splash when it first resurfaced here in America back in 2015. But it looks pretty pedestrian compared to some of the special editions of PepsiCo’s signature soft drink that have debuted in Japan over the years. In an attempt to push the envelope even further, Pepsi’s got a new special release for the Japanese market that ties back into one of the country’s beloved holiday traditions. 

Enter “Pepsi Christmas Cola”, a translucent take on “white” pepsi that supposedly tastes like cake. It might sound like an odd holiday tie-in over on this side of the Pacific, but it’s common Christmas practice in Japan to celebrate with a strawberry shortcake slathered in whipped cream. The cola is said to faithfully recreate both the cake’s sugary sweetness and the tangy tartness of strawberries. It all comes in a festive bottle complete with iconography that celebrates the season. 

If you feel like booking a flight to Tokyo to buy some limited edition soda, you can get yours (for a limited time, most likely) beginning on November 21st. 

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