Aliza Gans has a very cool hobby

Extra Crispy Staff
June 28, 2017

After you eat a Babybel cheese, there a few things you can do with the red wax wrapper: Ball it up and throw it at someone; flatten it out into a pancake and fling it at someone; or just toss it in the trash. You could also save all your wax from over the years and form it into a giant ball, with the hopes of someday getting the attention of a Guinness World Records big wig. Dare to dream, you weird hero. 

Artist/writer Aliza Gans does none of the above. Instead, she makes lovely sculptures with Babybel wax, which you could argue is way better for humanity than throwing it at people. She stopped by Extra Crispy the other day to delight us with her Babybel wax-sculpting skills. She made a rose, an elephant, and a Trump, and we filmed the entire process. Watch, learn, and be amazed.

photo by alex tepper

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