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Those net bags can hold a whole lot of fruit from the farmer's market

Kate Welsh
June 14, 2017

Scrolling through Instagram lately, I keep seeing these net bags. You know them, I'm sure. The filet bags—from "filet a provisions," the French name for them—appear in photos taken by the casually fabulous, draped on the sand, filled with oranges, or slung over the shoulder of someone who's clearly just spent a lot of money on stone fruit at the market. The fisherman's net bags, though, are not just a passing trend—or they shouldn't be at least. Probably initially made in the 17th century in northwest France, literally out of fisherman's nets, they've been helping out shoppers for hundreds of years. And for good reason: string net bags are super lightweight and expand to carry a whole lot. Plus, they're super cheap: like, often $5 or less kind of cheap. 

It's the ideal bag for the summer, too: you can bring it to the beach and not bring home a pile of sand, or bring home a bunch of breakfast radishes from the farmer's market, and not bring home a bag of mud. Of course, even if you're just going for the good looks (and lots of likes), they've got that, too. They boast that effortless, je ne sais quoi thing that basically rules the Instagram aesthetic these days. And even when that trend passes, it'll still be the best reusable grocery bag you ever bought. 

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