Spice up your boring oatmeal

February 14, 2017

Cuddling up with a cup of steaming chai is just about all the comfort we can ask for in the winter. With its milky base and rich spices, the drink is one of our favorite ways to warm up when the temps drop, especially when we’re looking to sip on something that won’t pack on pounds (ahem, eggnog).  

And because we can’t get enough of chai’s sweet and spicy flavors—like coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric—we added them to our morning oats to create a fiber-packed meal that tastes as decadent as a dessert. 

In fact, health experts recommend adding cinnamon to your treats. The anti-inflammatory spice adds a subtle sweet-like flavor without adding excess sugar and calories, so it makes your brain think you’re indulging when you actually aren’t. Score. 

Chai’s other ingredients offer major health benefits too. Turmeric, for example, contains the antioxidant and antiviral compound curcumin. Add the intensely yellow spice to oats and milk (this recipe calls for 2% or whole milk, but you can just as easily swap in your favorite non-dairy alternative), and you’ll set yourself up for success, whether you’re heading to the gym or the office.

In this video, we show you how to cook up the cozy breakfast using simple ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard. Serve the creamy chai-spiced porridge hot with a drizzle of honey on top for a hint of all-natural sweetness. Yum! 

This video originally appeared on Health.com.

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