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Amy Sedaris has introduced us to meat cakes and we don’t know how to feel

Elly Belle
November 13, 2017

In the year 2017, nothing seems too absurd. With the holiday season underway, a flurry of strange new flavors have been coming our way—including glitter cappuccinos and buffalo lattes. But prepare yourself, because a new food trend has arrived, and I’d say it takes the cake for the weirdest one in recent memory: the meat cake. You that heard right. But what exactly is a meat cake? The bizarre cake was introduced to us by none other than Amy Sedaris, in her new cooking show At Home with Amy Sedaris.

At first glance, the meat cake almost looks like your run-of-the-mill fancy cake with multiple tiers—something you’d imagine at a wedding or Sweet 16. But when you look closer, you notice there’s a variety of deli meat instead of icing, and pepperoni “roses” have replaced fondant. In the photo from the premiere, the meat cake has seven tiers and is surrounded by “mushrooms” also made out of meat.

And just who is behind the meat masterpiece? Artist Jason Polan crafted the incredible cake for Sedaris. Jason is known for starting New York’s very own Taco Bell Drawing Club and is also notably famous for having drawn every piece of art in the Museum of Modern Art (not just once, but twice).

But neither Jason or Sedaris can be credited with coming up with the idea for the meat cake. As it turns out, it’s hugely popular in Japan at yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurants. According to Kotaku, meat cakes have been a thing for several years.

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Strange food combos aside, “meat cakes” sounds like a prank meal or a strange drunk craving after a long night of adventures with your best friends. But hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it, right?

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