Photo by Maxine Builder

Because Toucan Sam need shades, too

Maxine Builder
June 15, 2017

I'm at Kellogg's NYC in Times Square, surrounded by images of Toucan Sam. Shaun Neff, the founder of Neff Headwear, is showing me his new Froot Loops sunglasses, which have blue lenses, blue frames, one green arm, and one yellow arm. "Yeah, they're crazy. There's so much color, right?" he says. He picks up what appears to be a box of Froot Loops from a nearby table. But the cardboard cereal box is actually a sunglasses case, and inside, there's a different set of bright, Froot Loops-colored plastic face plates and arms that he pops onto the lenses, creating a new set of shades.

Kellogg's has partnered with Neff Headwear to create these Froot Loops sunglasses. Neff Headwear—a California-based streetwear company that's collaborated with celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Kevin Durant, and Future—is known for utilizing bright colors in its designs, which is why Shaun Neff called the collaboration the "perfect marriage." "You look at that bowl," he said. "It's bright, it's colorful, there's so much going on. Then you look at the Neff brand, and it's bright, it's colorful, we're doing things a little bit different."

Neff wanted to design sunglasses for Froot Loops because he had never seen cereal sunglasses before. "You've got Toucan Sam that's just kicking it, and he's probably outside all day. And I was like, 'He needs some shades!'" he said.

Photo by Maxine Builder

What's also cool about the sunglasses is that they're fully customizable, an idea inspired by Froot Loops' new tagline, "Whatever Froots Your Loops." "It's about thinking different, doing whatever you want to do, expressing yourself in anyway you want," Neff said. "So if the kid wakes up one day, and he's feeling like rocking all-red, he can do that. If he wants to show up at school the next day with a different pair of shades, he could still accomplish that with these."

Neff also designed a bowl of cereal, available only at Kellogg's NYC, a cereal cafe located in Manhattan's Times Square. Called the Shaun Neff bowl, it starts with Froot Loops cereal (obviously) and then it's topped with banana slices, rainbow sprinkles, M&Ms, graham crackers, whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and Nerds candy. It can be served with either milk or ice cream, and it's just as colorful as the streetwear brand itself.

Photo by Maxine Builder

A set of these cereal-inspired sunglasses will cost you $40, but act fast. According to a press release from Kellogg's, there are only 400 pairs available, and they're exclusively at the Kellogg's NYC store in Manhattan and on the Neff Headwear website.

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