Photo by Alex Tepper

It's like our site, but in sandwich form

Extra Crispy Staff
April 17, 2017

Websites are OK. They have articles and videos and commentary and hot takes. We all love content, right? Content pays our bills, and we thank you for consuming the stuff we make. But the thing about humans is, as much as we like having digital media pumped into our eyeballs 24/7, we still need food. Ones and zeroes are tasteless and won't keep you alive. So websites are relatively unnecessary because they don't provide sustenance to life on earth, only entertainment and information. Well, all that ends today. We're happy to announce The Extra Crispy, a new breakfast sandwich brought to you by this website and Ends Meat, a whole-animal butcher shop in Industry City, Brooklyn. 

As is to be expected, The Extra Crispy is extra crispy. The sandwich features a slice of crispy fried nduja, a crispy fried egg, and a large piece of crispy chicharrón (a.k.a. pork rind). Melted cheddar clings to a seeded Martin's roll, and pickled Roma tomato and sliced onion work with the spicy nduja to give the whole thing a huge flavor punch. Like our website, it's a true culinary wonder. We're honored to have our name on it, and to have worked with John Ratliff from Ends Meat on the diligent taste-testing process.

photo by alex tepper

Starting tomorrow, April 18, The Extra Crispy will be available at Ends Meat, which is at 254 36th Street in Brooklyn. Also, while Extra Crispy's website is free, our sandwich is not. It costs $8, which is very reasonable considering all the TLC that goes into each one. If you like crispy stuff and live in the New York area, swing by Ends Meat and try The Extra Crispy.

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