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Like a Keurig, but built to withstand a war

Matthew Kassel
March 08, 2017

If you associate coffee with extreme jobs and rugged activities like construction work or camping, then perhaps you are the target audience for the Coffeeboxx, a 12-pound beast of a coffee maker that will put your fragile French press to shame. Made by a company called Oxx Inc., which designs hardcore coffee appliances, the Coffeeboxx is mostly intended for job sites where things can get dirty and break easily. “Made beyond rugged to deliver in the harshest environments,” says the narrator in a Coffeeboxx video ad, which has the feel of a commercial for Ford, Timberland or perhaps the U.S. Army. “Built for those who bring it.”

The portable coffeemaker, which looks somewhat like a small cooler and contains a two-and-a-half liter tank, is dust- and spill-proof, according to the ad, and is designed to withstand repeated abuse. It’s also rust-proof, an important detail considering that the Coffeeboxx is fortified with steel. The machine is turned on with the help of a three-foot retractable power cord. It works with coffee pods, which makes the Coffeeboxx like a kind of heavy-duty Keurig that you can throw into the air and let fall on the ground without it breaking.

Launched through a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago and invented by a former designer for Whirlpool named Jim Doan, the Coffeeboxx sells for $200—the price is more than your standard Keurig, which can run at around $100. In December, about 4,500 units were sold, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, surpassing previous records, and it is—of course—available at Home Depot. The Coffeeboxx knows its audience. If Home Depot were to sell just one coffee maker, the Coffeeboxx would undoubtedly be it.

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