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It's made with filet mignon and lobster

Sammy Nickalls
August 24, 2017

There are plenty of adventurous dishes and drinks out there, from literal garbage vodka to hot pink tomatoes to Starbucks sushi burritos. However, the latest culinary adventure has a pretty hefty price tag, so you’ll want to save up before trying the Taco Donut in San Diego. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the restaurant Puesto recently started selling its newest and wildest fancy dish. Considering that both tacos and doughnuts are pretty damn cheap, you wouldn't expect their hybrid to have a hefty price tag, but the $60 dish has some luxurious ingredients indeed. 

Brainstormed by executive creative chef Katy Smith, the Taco Donut is made by "folding filet mignon into a bed of melted cheese on the griddle to form the crispy, cheesy wrap into the shape of a donut," according to the Union-Tribune. From there, it's "topped with Maine lobster, avocado slices, chipotle and cilantro cremas, all served atop a bed of handmade, stone-ground, blue corn tortillas."

To give you an idea of size, the "doughnut" is made up of six tacos melted together with all that stuff, so if you share it with a friend, it's not really that bad of a deal. But based on the ingredients, you may just want to eat the whole thing solo. 

photo Courtesy of Puesto and Carmelle Pina

Really, The Taco Donut isn't the worst for your wallet, when you consider this very real $500 pizza made of caviar, lobster, and tequila, or a $1,425 Krispy Kreme doughnut gilded with a 24K gold leaf exterior. Really, $60 is peanuts in the land of outrageously expensive foods. But then again, who needs fancy tacos when you can make a Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme yourself?

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