product photo courtesy tabasco

The hottest hot sauce that the company has ever made is already sold out of its limited run

Margaret Eby
July 21, 2017

Apparently the ranks of hot sauce enthusiasts eager to taste Tabasco's new Scorpion Sauce, the limited edition sauce that's twenty times as hot as the original Tabasco red sauce, were much larger than the company anticipated. Just 24 hours after the Scorpion sauce went on sale, it's already sold out on the Tabasco online store. Excitement over the sauce was warranted, especially for fans of the Tabasco family of hot sauces who need something with some extra oomph. The Scorpion sauce is a couple notches hotter than the more widespread Habanero Tabasco, and our staff—at least those of us who don't mind things extremely spicy—was a big fan. 

The popularity of the sauce has the company mulling another run of it, though nothing is set in stone yet, a spokesperson for the company told Extra Crispy after confirming that the sauce had indeed sold out. The good news is that the Tabasco online store has a bunch of weird wonders for hardcore Tabasco fans. You can grab a pewter flaskor wrapping paperemblazoned with pop art-style Tabasco bottles. You can even get a gallon of your favorite Tabasco sauce with a personalized label. 

If what you're looking for is just a very hot hot sauce, there are also many promising alternatives. Dave's Gourmet Scorpion Pepper Sauce, which the company describes as "frighteningly hot," is a fan favorite on Amazon. Or you could invest in the super spicy pack from Brooklyn hot sauce atelier Heatonist, which includes Torchbearer's The Rapture, a sauce that claims to have about 15 scorpion peppers per bottle. 

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