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Yes, sweat-flavored

Sammy Nickalls
August 02, 2017

Chicken is ever-versatile, and unless you're a vegetarian, you've probably had it all sorts of ways--deep-fried, slathered in hot sauce, or from the grill, for example. The bird is complimentary with practically any marinade or flavor, but that doesn't mean we endorse Tenka Torimasu's newest fried chicken flavor: sweat. Yes, the Japanese chicken chain rolled out something we never asked for: fried chicken in sauce that's intended to taste like girl sweat. Sora News 24 reports that the chain is a takeout restaurant that serves karaage—otherwise known as "boneless chunks of Japanese-style fried chicken." The chain also offers various eclectic sauces like cheese curry, Japanese plum, sweet chili, and wasabi mayonnaise. Oh, and apparently, girl's sweat. Yum!

In case that wasn't weird enough, there's a whole new creepy element: the chicken isn't designed after just any random woman's sweat, but after the "refreshing" sweat that's "excreted by young ladies working hard to become successful idol singers," Sora News 24 reports. It's inspired by the sweat of Kamen Joshi, an idol group known for wearing hockey masks (much like Jason from Friday the 13th) when performing. 

"This is the birth of the karaage people have been dreaming about," Kamen Joshi member Anna Tachibana said, according to Sora News.

Don’t get too queasy, though—there’s no literal sweat in the sauce. Instead, it's cheese, lemon juice, and salt, which actually sounds pretty good if you're not thinking about sweat when you're eating it. You can purchase "girl's sweat" karaage at Tenka Torimasu for 400 yen ($3.60) until October 31st.

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