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Too bad you can only get it in Japan

Elizabeth King
June 06, 2017

If you thought Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino was too sugary, you will be totally unprepared to sample a new frappuccino topped with cake. Fraps are already an infamously sweet drink, but the piece of cake that crowns this particular frap officially makes the drink a dessert. But of course it still totally counts as a legitimate breakfast companion, it’s still Starbucks after all. For now, the cake creation will only be available for a limited time in Japan beginning June 14, but with any luck, maybe it will be a hit and show up in other countries that would really like cake with their morning Starbucks, ahem.

The frappuccino is almond flavored (okay, a big “yum” to that), and comes with a shot of matcha, according to Cosmopolitan. The drink is mixed with chocolate cake, drizzled on top with matcha flavoring, then topped off with a small piece of chocolate cake and whipped cream. In July, Starbucks will also release a version that comes with a coffee flavored drizzle instead of matcha, again on just a limited basis. Both sound too good to be real.

The cake-topped matcha frappuccino comes on the tails of another dessert-themed Starbucks drink in Japan. Last month Starbucks sold frappuccinos topped with cherry pie for a limited time, and apparently are keeping the good times rolling with cake. Is it too much to hope the next edition might include a doughnut? Maybe even a waffle?! We can dream, right?

Currently in the US, Starbucks is on a color-themed kick with its frappuccinos, giving us the incredibly divisive unicorn frap, and now a pink ombre drink. The colors are great and who doesn’t like a bit of sugary artistry in their morning beverage, but if we could just get one frap with a tiny little dessert and some matcha syrup on top, that would be great.

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