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The Nativity scene launched an uproar in the UK

Tim Nelson
November 17, 2017

Now that we’ve reached the back half of November, adventcalendar season is really ramping up. And while the UK’s biggest bakery chain isn’t turning heads with a cereal advent calendar, they’ve drawn some heat for how they’ve chosen to promote their holiday offerings. 

This week, Greggs announced they’re launching a “Merry Greggsmas” advent calendar, with each day revealing a new voucher that can be redeemed for an item at any one of the chain’s 1,700 UK locations. To drum up publicity, they released a nativity-themed advert with the three wise men offering up their gold, frankincense and myrrh to… a partially-eaten sausage roll. 

Unsurprisingly, the blasphemous bit of marketing has drawn the ire of British conservative christians, some of whom took a break from gloating about Brexit to call for a boycott of the “cowards” who promoted our savory savior. A major evangelical group even went so far as to call the ad a naked effort to “manufactur[e] a scandal to sell baked goods.” 

Not wanting to lose the war on Greggsmas before it even begins, the baking heathens issued an apology: “We’re really sorry to have caused any offense, this was never our intention,” the company said in a statement. We’re assuming this also covers one of their other ads, which reportedly features a woman kissing one of Greggs’ chicken and onion-filled Festive Bakes under a mistletoe, which seems potentially scarring for other reasons. 

The sausage Jesus stunt wasn’t all bad news, though: some British tweeters have been taking the piss out of the ad for a few laughs at the expense of the sausage-flavored son of God. 

Either way, Greggs’ advent calendars will be on sale for a limited time, with a reported retail price of £24. Some lucky calendars contain a voucher for £25 behind the December 24th door, meaning you can buy baby Jesus sausage rolls well into the new year. Merry Greggsmas to all and to all a good bite.

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