Photo courtesy of Electric Rose

The latest in wine consumption innovation

Kate Welsh
August 21, 2017

Canned wine may already be a thing of the past. Wine company Electric Rosé just launched with wine pouches. The Capri Sun-like pouches are white with a shockingly hot pink logo, combining 90's nostalgia with a made-for-Instagram aesthetic. Each pouch contains about a bottle and a half of wine, meaning that when you buy a six pack, you're actually buying nine bottles of wine. So, you know, the perfect amount for a beach day with all your friends. 

And that is a cool thing about this way to package wine. A lot of venues forbid you from bringing cans or glass. A pouch allows you to avoid any rule breaking. Plus, since the pouches are packaged with straws, you don't need to worry about bringing extra cups. They're basically made for consuming outside. 

At 12.5% alcohol, Electric Rosé wine is on the very low end of the alcohol spectrum, which—lucky for you—means sipping on this rosé all day means you likely won't be entirely soused. (Though, just a reminder, one "serving" is a full bottle and a half.)  

Electric Rosé also dedicates a portion of proceeds to Water2Wines, a "charity dedicated to providing clean, sustainable water sources to as many people as possible." So you can feel even better about your summer boozing. 

While the wine is currently only sold in Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Tennessee, and Georgia, Electric Rosé says they're growing all the time, so all of you in those other 44 states may get your very own pouch of wine before the summer's over. 

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