photo courtesy of @labeast62

L.A. Beast chewed and guzzled his way into the record books

Matthew Kassel
May 18, 2017

Kevin Strahle, a competitive eater in Los Angeles, broke two new world eating records in the breakfast department on Friday, achievements that may make you either sick to your stomach or salivate with jealousy. Strahle, who is known as L.A. Beast, used his formidable maw to suck down nine powdered doughnuts in under three minutes. The previous record was six doughnuts. Strahle wasn’t allowed to lick his lips throughout, which was one of many rules that decreased his chances of breaking any records. Also, as if he did it all the time, Strahle inhaled a 32-ounce jug of maple syrup in under 11 seconds. The previous record was 26 seconds.

Strahle broke the records in the relatively staid environment of Guinness World Records’ offices in New York, as a woman stood beside him with a stopwatch, making sure he didn’t do anything fishy.

And Strahle’s records are certainly impressive, but they are part of a slew of breakfast-related world records. There is, for instance, what Guinness terms “the largest cereal breakfast,” attended by 1,852 people on October, 2, 2016, in Jounieh, Lebanon. Then there is the Guinness record for most people eating breakfast in bed. The number? 418, in a bed in Langfang, China, on August 16, 2015.

What is it about breakfast that inspires overindulgence? Perhaps it’s the sugar, or the desire to start the day off with an exclamation point. I don’t know for sure. Perhaps it only becomes apparent once you’ve downed nine doughnuts in quick succession with nothing to drink. If you can get through that before noon, it’s likely you’re going to have a pretty good day. 

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