Photo by @NWPRuralCrime via Twitter


Rebecca Firkser
January 09, 2018

What started as a seemingly innocent photo of breakfast soon turned into an intense Twitter fight. Before their morning meeting, the Rural Crime Team, a police force in Wales, tweeted a photo of their breakfast. The meal was pretty similar to a full Welsh or English breakfast: eggs, toast, baked beans, bacon, eggs, and sausages. Though the police team probably thought nothing of the photo, a Twitter user quickly accused them of not being sensitive to vegans and vegetarians.

A Twitter user (identified only as “Diana”) commented on the photo in a since-deleted tweet, suggesting that as a taxpayer thinks that the force should “perhaps not post breakfast pics that offend vegetarian/vegan followers." After the Rural Crime Team screenshotted the comment along with a note that they are “withdrawing from answering questions or comments on Twitter for the time being,” the tweet went viral, generating the hashtag #brekkiegate.


Most people who’ve since commented on the photo—some vegans and vegetarians among them—seem more offended by Diana’s tweet than by the police team’s breakfast, responding earnestly to the original photo or joking about the supposed “offensive” meal.

“Proud of you guys! A full belly means a good day’s work! As a vegan this does not offend me one bit. On the contrary. I’m glad to see everyone eating together,” said user Traci Anello. “This is community. Bravo.”

“I'm offended that those eggs are not scrambled,” said Adrian Williams. “@krispykreme send these fine officers some donuts!” said Dean Baxter. Others even asked the police force for cooking tips. And with good reason: Those poached eggs really do look perfect.

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