NYC’s Egg Shop hides a yolk inside a ball of creamy burrata

Extra Crispy Staff
November 15, 2017

At first glance, this dish from Egg Shop in Brooklyn, New York, looks like a simple poached egg situation. In reality, chef Nick Korbee's creation is actually a tender yolk enveloped inside a ball of burrata cheese. Intrigued?

Korbee developed “poached burrata” as a dish for a whole table to share. It begins with a hollowed out chunk of burrata, which is a soft, creamy cheese encased in mozzarella. Korbee first removes some of the burrata innards, called stracciatella di bufala, or shredded and stretched buffalo milk cheese curds. He’ll then replace the curds with an egg yolk, and close up the hunk of burrata like a book. Korbee serves it with crunchy toast to mop up the egg and cheese, his sweet-and-sour tomato agrodolce, and twice-fried chickpeas. A drizzle of truffle oil, plus salt and pepper, and it’s ready for you.

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