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BrewDog's Make Earth Great Again is calling attention to climate change

Tim Nelson
November 02, 2017

It’s rare for a business to seek out a public condemnation from the President of the United States, but that’s exactly BrewDog’s mission. Perhaps sensing that their plan to build a bar that crosses the US-Mexico border might not be enough to fire up Donald Trump’s Twitter fingers, the Scottish brewery devised a new way to draw attention to the president’s (lack of) climate policy that will also be much more accessible to the voting public. 

Enter the new Make Earth Great Again, a BrewDog beer where everything from the packaging to ingredients list is “designed to make everyone wake up and acknowledge the challenge of climate change.” MEGA is brewed with Arctic Circle cloudberries and melted glacial water, making every sip of this saison (a variety that ferments at a stifling 95 degrees) a cool way to remind yourself of our warming planet. Following a trend in the craft beer scene towards cartoonish labels, MEGA depicts Robo-Trump firing lasers at a polar bear, who one can only assume is a little upset about how little POTUS cares for his homeland. 

The commitment to spreading the message of climate awareness doesn’t stop there. Visitors to BrewDog’s US taproom in Columbus, Ohio, can drink the beer on draft from a tap fashioned from a taxidermied polar bear. BrewDog’s also sent a case of their really tremendous beer to the White House. Given that Trump’s apparently a teetotaler, the message would likely be lost on him, however.

Best of all, the proceeds from Make Earth Great Again will go to 10:10, a UK charity committed to reversing the tide of climate change through action at both the community and governmental level: “We decided to make a statement and brew a beer that could have a direct, positive impact on climate change [by] supporting an organization making a difference,” said BrewDog co-founder James Watt. “We hope everyone who can make a positive impact on climate change at a legislative level takes note of what the beer represents.” Not that you needed another reason for the state of the world to make you drink, but it’s good to know that there’s now a way to use booze to make a difference. 

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