Photo Courtesy McDonald's Singapore / Illustration by Maxine Builder

But it's only available in Singapore

Maxine Builder
August 31, 2017

McDonald's in Singapore is rereleasing a burger that's inspired by a classic, local breakfast dish. Called the Nasi Lemak Burger, it's more of a fried chicken sandwich than a beef burger. According to the McDonald's website, the sandwich starts with a "juicy yet crispy, coconut flavored chicken thigh patty" that's coated in corn flakes. Yes, corn flakes cereal. The corn flake-crusted chicken patty is then topped with "a sweet yet spicy sambal sauce," along with caramelized onions, cucumber slices, and a fried egg.

The sandwich draws inspiration from nasi lemak, a Malaysian rice-based breakfast dish that's popular in Singapore, Indonesia, and southern Thailand. Nasi lemak is traditionally served with a spicy red chili sauce called sambal and a plethora of side dishes including anchovies, peanuts, cucumbers, and either a hard-boiled or fried egg. Nasi lemak is widely considered the national dish of Malaysia, and it's really become a favorite in Singapore.

This is part of the reason why the McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger was greeted with some skepticism from nasi lemak traditionalists when it was first introduced in July. After all, how do you turn what's functionally a bowl of rice into a sandwich? But such doubt didn't deter folks from going out in droves to try it. Nearly 750,000 Nasi Lemak Burgers sold out on the island city-state in less than two weeks after it was first released, reports Straits Times. (To put that number in some context, Singapore only has 5.7 million residents. That means about 12 percent of the country's total population tried this McDonald's burger, assuming each burger was eaten by a different person.)

And based on a totally unscientific survey of Twitter chatter, it seems that Singaporeans have been asking for the burger's return on social media for weeks and are hyped that it's back:

If nothing else, the McDonald's Nasi Lemak burger is definitely photo-worthy:

Though some seem to take the picture-taking process more seriously than others.

The irony is that even though nasi lemak is traditionally eaten for breakfast, the McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger is only available after breakfast hours. It's also only available in Singapore until supplies run out, which, given how quickly the first round of this sandwich sold out, probably won't be for long.

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