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These limited-edition beverages are far from your average latte

Tim Nelson
January 03, 2018

While innovation is second only to sodium in the bloodstream of American fast food outlets, Japan doesn’t trail too far behind when it comes to launching unorthodox eats. Hot on the heels of KFC Japan’s “low odor fried chicken” comes a decadent drink topping that’s sure to add some crunch to your morning coffee. 

McDonald’s Japan is launching a new line of McCafé beverages that combine caramel and popcorn into one sweet package. The line includes both hot and iced caramel popcorn lattes, as well as a popcorn frappe. Combining espresso, whipped cream, and caramel and popcorn(?!) syrups, this beverage has more in common with dessert than black coffee. 

Each caramel popcorn latte (¥390) is topped by a healthy heaping of caramel popcorn, and the caramel popcorn frappe (¥500) serves up those delicious kernels inside of a waffle cone to achieve full-on guilty pleasure status. Those textural elements might make it difficult to enjoy this frappe during your morning commute, as this coffee drink clearly demands your full, undivided attention.

The new, limited-edition beverages will be available at Japan’s 90 McCafé by Barista locations beginning on January 5th and until mid-February. They should pair nicely with the recent addition of colorful French macarons to the menu, available in lemon, raspberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Put that all together and you’ve got a highly Instagrammable (if New Year’s resolution-breaking) snack.

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