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Imagine all the French toast you could make with those eggs

Gabrielle Van Tassel
February 07, 2018

Back in November, America elected Donald Trump because he claimed to be anti-establishment. He’s also anti-breakfast, or at least he’s really bad at it, but America still drank the Kool-Aid, or rather, the Trump coffee. France is currently going through a similar election with far right populist candidate Marine Le Pen of the National Front Party, who's up against former investment banker and centrist Emmanuel Macron. In a nutshell, Le Pen is anti-immigration, pro-Frexit, pro-isolationism, and Islamophobic. Similarly to the US and Great Britain, she has the support of people who believe that if they elect her they are overthrowing the elitist ruling class. 

In a televised debate last night, the claws came out as Le Pen and Macron clashed on their differing opinions, sometimes even lobbing personal insults at each other. (SOUND FAMILIAR?). Then, today, while on the campaign trail, some protesters decided to throw raw eggs at Le Pen, crying, in French, “Out with the fascists!” Why is it when people are angry they waste delicious eggs on their enemies? Not to mention that, in the States anyways, it is actually a punishable offense to egg houses, cars, and especially another human being, even if you, like Macron, think she is an evil “parasite.” 

So, don’t get any ideas about egging the White House, even if you find it tempting. Very, very tempting. 

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